Why is Social Media like Twitter Becoming More and More Relevant

You may be searching for jobs and see one of the requirements to understand the relevance or importance of social media. Things like TwitterFacebookMySpace are becoming more and more relevant as people flock to them. If I didn’t know any better, I would assume that Twitter has inked a deal with major news agencies across the country. But I don’t think that’s the case. The social media in this case is going viral. 

The more people promote it, the more important and relevant it becomes. Twitter is the most simplistic of all social media. You can basically write your status and people can see what you are thinking or doing or more importantly, what you want them to think about you. In this day and age, celebrities, athletes and other well known people are using tweets as their own press releases. If you want to follow Ashton Kutcher you can find out what the guy is having for dinner. 

Social media allows us to see inside the lives of people we would not normally be close to. But it also helps everyone who uses social media to brand their own image the way they want to. You control what messages you send out so only you are to blame for what you tweet or update your facebook status as. 

The outreach of social media, via sites like facebook, twitter and instagram, is too huge to be put into words and have impacted the lives of people, both positively and negatively. While twitter is generally for sharing views about the world at large, the other two is for entertainment purposes. So, why would the youth brigade, hungry for attention, want a boring platform when they can buy instagram likes at cheapest price. 

Why is globally becoming more relevant. Because people no longer want to just hear the opinions of giant media coroporations. They want to broadcast their own opinions and leave a better picture of who they are as an individual. Some people market other things using twitter and facebook. Perhaps they are a write such as me and they use twitter to broadcast the fact they just published an article on Associated Content. 

Social Media will continue to grow in importance as we as a world continue to use it. Everyone these days has their own webpage or identity on the internet. Who would have thought even 10 years ago that most people would have access to the internet and be able to brand their own image through the use of social media? 

It’s quite interesting and I think it’s going to open some doors for more people to become hot commodities for their writing, wit or lack thereof. Twitter will undoubtedly have to eventually expand it’s one or two line service to include video and images and other things you can upload to be competitive. There will be more social media services to come and not everyone will be on twitter.