Why HIV is Serious In Present Generation? How To Avoid From Spreading?

Your body is protected by your skin and linings of the gut and also by the immune system, which is made of cells and proteins that protects the body from harmful microorganisms. According to the kidshealth.org Aids is an acquired immunodeficiency syndrome that is caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). HIV is made to kill a defense cell in your body called CD4 helper lymphocyte. Lymphocytes are cells in the human body that fights off infectious diseases. Like for example, when you get sick from the flu or any other cold your immune system is where all of your helpful cells are to fight of these colds. Eventually the fight is over and your immune system will win and you’ll be well again.

Well with HIV it’s different, when HIV enters the body it destroys all lymphocytes which it easier for all infections and viruses enter. It then attaches to these cells to multiply to make the body much weaker. Most likely you’ll start to catch stuff you normally wouldn’t catch. Aids can be transmitted through blood or sexual content such as the male ejaculating into the female vagina. People with HIV tend to get sicker especially if they don’t take any medication. When people loose these cells they usually catch infections in the lungs Pneumocystis carinii is one of them. Having to little CD4 cells can also cause some cancers.

HIV stores its genetic material as one genetic code called the RNA. Most other organisms have DNA a double strand of genetic code. When HIV affects the human body its RNA has to be converted to DNA through a process using an enzyme called reverse transcriptase. Viral load is the amount of virus you have in your bloodstream. As shown in a picture at www.metrokc.gov virus load is at it’s highest before antibodies are developed and at he end stages when Aids usually develops. Viral load tests indicate the effectiveness of treatment and the expected rate of disease progression–the higher the viral load, the faster the progression. Over 300,000 people are living with aids a year and about 800 to 900,000 people who are HIV positive. About 40,000 new people are in infected a year.

Most of the population infected with HIV is African American women and teens in this society. You most likely won’t even know if you had HIV for along time after you get it unless you keep getting tested. For the first couple of months you probably won’t see any symptoms. During the time of this you won’t even test positive for HIV but you still can infect other people. So stop having unprotected sex there is condoms made so just go to the store and grab some Trojans and please stop HIV. You can see several comparison of websites which might differ slightly from each other. It is really important that you take this disease seriously. You should start with the treatment as soon as you see any symptom of this virus.