Which Vacuum Is The One For Your Home?

There is a huge range of choice out there in the vacuum cleaner market at the present time. Traditionally mobile vacuum cleaners had the market cornered and there were countless models of these trusty warriors on display in your local electrical shop. However, in recent years, the central vacuuming system has started to gain traction in the marketplace, with busy professional couples considering the C.V.S. a necessity rather than a luxury.

Also, in the present economic times you will find that central vacuum salespeople are quite eager to talk to you to try and make a sale, and with a bit of determined bargaining, you might get good value in the purchase of a central vacuuming system. Also, you can also ask him to conduct a staubsauger test to put things in a better perspective.

Up to now, one of the main perceived disadvantages to a central vacuum system is the price. But when you are considering a central vacuum system, you should think about a reasonably long term investment – a lot of central vacuum users, once they install a central vacuum system, do not change it for many years (except to upgrade accessories). Owners of mobile or traditional vacuum cleaners on the other hand, often surprise even themselves as to the rate that they upgrade their machine, at quite a cost each time. So, over a period of years, that central vacuum that you considered very expensive at the time of purchase, can turn out to be pretty reasonable after all.

At the start of this article I mentioned that traditional vacuums could be found in the local store of almost any town. You walk in the store, buy a vacuum cleaner, go home, plug it in, and you can be cleaning your home within half an hour, (having had a cup of coffee!). This is something that home owners that wish to install a central vacuum system simply cannot do. There has to be a certain amount of planning, decision making as to where to run the pipes, where to keep the base unit, etc. This can be a deterrent to person that wants to simply get on with vacuuming his or her home and is not willing to spend some time planning the installation of a central vacuum system.

This is one of the main reasons that the installation of C.V.S. is favoured in new-build homes more so than installing them into existing residences. However, when you consider the advantages that a central vacuum system can bring, I would still say that you should consider seriously the possibility of installing one in your property, even if your home is already built. Installing practices are improving all of the time and a good C.V.S. installer will take all of the pressure of planning the installation of the system from you.