Which Social Network Is Right For You

It seems like social networks are popping up faster than weeds in an overgrown yard these days and it can be confusing to know which social site is right for your needs. Whether using social media for business or personal reasons, it’s important to know which social network is right for you and your goals. If you ask “Which social network is right for me?” you will get varied answers, depending on who you ask. Everyone’s an expert these days, right? A Google+ fanatic is sure to tell you that’s the site for you where a Twitter pheen is going to tell you to get to tweeting. But the fact is, not every site is right for every person or every business.

While you don’t have to choose just one, it is important to understand what each site can offer you in terms of driving traffic to your website and search engine results, or your personal needs if you are not using social media for business.


Facebook is one of the leading social media sites and has millions of users. For this reason alone it is considered a great forum for businesses to market their companies. Not only that, Google bots look for business page likes and shares when considering search engine ranking. The more likes and shares, the better it is for your business SEO strategies. This is a must site for any business that wants a social media presence on the internet.


Twitter is more fast paced that Facebook and only allows for tweets or posts that have one hundred and forty characters. This means you have to keep your thoughts short and to the point which is a good thing. You can also connect your Twitter to your Facebook account to send one post to both sites. There are no photos or videos posted on Twitter but you can link this media in your tweets. You get your SEO rankings through the amount of followers you have and through the times that your tweets are shared or retweeted. Again, for marketing and SEO purposes, Twitter is a great forum that can work well for any company.


If you are looking for a more visually based social media site then you should consider Instagram which is an app for smart phone that allows you to share photos instantly with your followers. It is similar to Twitter in that your SEO results are determined by how many shares and followers you have. You can’t post links on your Instagram feed but you can share the same photos directly to Twitter and Facebook from the app which makes it very convenient to use.


If you want more networking capabilities with others in your industry then this is definitely the site for you. Those who are looking to hire new employees are even can find them on LinkedIn as most individuals post their resumes on the site. It is also a great place to find new vendors or others who can help make your company better.


There are so many different social media sites on the internet today that it is impossible to determine which ones are the best for your needs. You can certainly choose all of the above for your social media needs but some may just want to choose one or two that are most appropriate for their business.

Ever since you begin developing social media strategies, take into account the overall goals of the organization. Having started a social media initiative without thinking about a business concept is like strolling around a woods without the need for a map — people may well have great times, but then you’re probably going to get dropped. Find more about this, here.