Which Do I Choose:  Tablet Or Laptop?

A few months ago I purchased my first tablet computer after many years of using laptop computers. During this short time, I have noticed some notable differences between the two. I will discuss my own observations between the two as regards price and portability, connectivity, and usage.

Price and Portability

The tablet computer I have is a Google Android clone I purchased off e-Bay. Price was a major factor in my decision to get a tablet. With shipping, it came to under $100, versus a $300+ price tag on the mini-laptop I use.

The only drawback about getting a tablet clone was that there were some Chinese apps I had to uninstall. This was easily enough done, but was a minor irritation.

I prefer the tablet for its portability over the mini-laptop. I can easily carry the tablet in one hand. I have a nice case for it as well, and, if my pockets are deep enough, can slip it in a pocket. The mini-laptop is considerably bulkier, and is more suited to usage on my desk rather than, for instance, quickly checking email on the tablet.


Both my tablet and my mini-laptop are geared for wi-fi access. The tablet has additional options for 3G connectivity, if I were to purchase it.

I have noticed in locations where I have both the tablet and the mini-laptop connected wirelessly, the tablet computer at times will disconnect unexpectedly. I am not sure whether it is a connectivity issue or if the tablet disconnects when the screen times out. Those times when the tablet disconnects, the mini-laptop is still connected.


There are some applications that are simply easier to use on the mini-laptop versus the tablet. I prefer composing papers on the mini-laptop. I use a free program for word processing on my mini-laptop. I have not yet found a comparable one for the tablet. Since Amazon has gotten on the bandwagon with free downloadable Android apps, this situation may soon change.

One of the things that intrigues me the most about my tablet is the touch screen. It is great for turning pages in e-books, playing solitaire, checking email, taking pictures and simple web browsing. I find I prefer the free dolphin browser to the one prepackaged with the tablet. Dolphin reminds me of the Firefox browser, although perhaps not as robust. The calendar on the tablet is another function I use frequently. I like the alarm function to tell me when I have appointments.

I also like the Kindle Reader for Android. It seamlessly allows me to download ebooks from my Kindle to my tablet. This was my main reason for getting the tablet, as my Kindle began developing lines across the screen after I dropped it.

Overall, when choosing between tablet or laptop, it is also important that you visit the website of the brand that you consider buying. Their websites will provide you with the right information that you need. This includes the features, specifications and the current price of the product in the market.