What you Must Learn about Making Money Online

First of all, let’s answer your initial questions…
Why is this information free?
Frankly, my offer of ‘FREE’ is a bribe. Let me explain.

Although I’ve successfully marketed affiliate products for a few years now my name is still relatively unknown in the online marketing circles. Building name recognition as a successful online marketer is a tough challenge but one which MUST BE ACCOMPLISHED in order to successfully launch a new product or service and achieve profitable results.

Studies have proven that testimonials, from people who have personal first-hand knowledge of the benefits of a product or service, increase sales by as much as 150% on existing products and they boost the response rates on new product launches by a staggering 315%. Experts at https://bestseohamilton.ca know about it, that’s why they use it as a leverage for clients.

I, along with my business partner Howard Vincent, am planning the launch of a new online business in 2008 and my sharing of my marketing methods and tactics with you for free is my way of bribing that testimonial out of you. I know that if I help you make money and experience some success in your online marketing, I will have created the perfect environment to ask for that testimonial. Right? Therefore, I view my free sharing as starting a partnership/team with you. This way, we will be counting on each other’s success… And cheering for it!

Here’s my view of online marketing.
If you’ve spent any time looking at online marketing blogs, forums, websites, etc. you undoubtedly know there is a slew of bulls#@! That has made its way to the market. People who claim to have ‘systems’ and ‘secrets’ that will turn your life and income around. SEO ‘Gurus’ who will have your site ranked #1 on Google results pages in 10 days. Ebooks that will teach you how to ‘make-a-million’ dollars online in the next 30 days – while you sleep! And on, and on, blah, blah, blah…

Take it from someone who has been marketing online for a few years. IT IS ALL BULLS#@! Let me come straight out with a few facts about online marketing that I discovered to be true, but new Internet Marketers don’t like to hear.

1) Successful marketing on the Internet is NOT EASY. It is going to take good research, hard work, and an extraordinary commitment to stay focused and dedicated to each aspect of online marketing.
2) To earn a sizeable income online there is no ‘fast and simple’ solution. Just like it is in an offline business, your online business is going to require lots of your time and persistence. Time and persistence will equate to Success. Especially in the beginning.
3) Anyone telling you something different is flat out LYING. The marketer who is not willing to admit this to you does not possess an ounce of integrity so beware.

Lots of the programs, tools, personal coach systems, ebooks and courses being offered are just theory and do not give you specific practices you can follow to achieve the desired results. These products are typically promoted by the ‘you-can-make-a-million-dollars-on-auto-pilot’ marketers, whose best customers have become desperate and fall for the hype. Then they shell out their hard-earned money, which they can’t really afford to risk, in search of that ever-elusive ‘Dream Life’.

Quick survival note: Don’t be the guy (or girl) that falls for this crap.
Successful Internet Marketing comes down to knowing enough to put your own ‘spin’ on what’s already available and using combinations of existing strategies to develop a model you can master and replicate. It really doesn’t require you to ‘reinvent the wheel’. You just need to become a good researcher and then organize and apply what you learn.

The articles, methods, reports, and tactics that I will be sharing with you in these sessions will promote some products you will need to purchase and some products you can get for free. Either directly from me or I’ll give you the information you need to get it directly from the publisher. In either case, you’ll see that I’ll never suggest or recommend any product that I have not personally used or tested to achieve the described results. After all, I can only ‘share’ something I have actually experienced.

My goal is set. I’m going to share the methods and tactics that currently work for me in a no bulls#@! Manner so you can become a successful online marketer. As I point out strategies, methods, and tactics that work, I’ll also point out the ones that did not produce so you can do your own research and make the final determination for yourself. Remember, great ideas are nothing more than slight ‘tweaks’ of what’s already on the market.