What to Know Before Purchasing Gravestone?

Granite is a volcanic rock formed when magma froze hundreds of millions of years ago. Granite occurs from gray to reddish tones. It is a rock consisting primarily of quartz and feldspar with a coarse-grained structure. It is widely found in the earth’s crust. In places, granite is also exposed as shields on the ground. It has many different bog rocks—for example, granite stone by nature. In Estonia, it is mainly found as migratory stones, which have come with the retreat of continental ice at the end of the last ice age. It is also found in our earth’s crust to a small extent. The gravestone has been used by mankind as a building material to manufacture decorations and tomb markers for thousands of years. Granite, if in favor of the material, is spoken by its following characteristics: 

  • Beautiful 

Granite is found in the earth’s crust in an extensive range of patterns and color variations, always unique. Artificial material alone is not comparable to granite’s unique color, character, and beauty. 

  • Strong

Granite is a tough rock that is difficult to damage. 

  • Durable- 

Granite is an eternal material. 

  • Chemical resistant- 

The surface of granite is not damaged by chemicals found in civilian use. 

  • Heat-resistant-

Due to its volcanic origin, granite suffers from high temperatures. 

  • Weatherproof-

 Granite successfully resists temperature fluctuations, rain, and solar radiation. 

  • Easy to maintain- 

Any dirt can be easily removed from the surface of polished granite. 

  • Natural-

Granite is a 100% natural material. 

Granite slabs are also suitable for covering other surfaces both indoors and outdoors. For example, stone window sills, fireplace parts, shelves, serving trays, etc., have been ordered. The customers may get an extensive range of gravestone products from different parts of the world without intermediaries, directly from the manufacturer. 

Eurus has focused primarily on producing granite grave markers and the manufacture of granite worktops. Hauaplaadi hind (The price of a gravestone) is very competitive depending on the textures and variety.