Using Microsites to Attract More Visitors to Your Website

A microsite is a method of attracting more visitors to your website by means of using individual web pages, and typically new domain names that are separate from the main website. Also commonly referred to as a minisite, a microsite is usually an individual web page, but it can also be a small grouping of pages that are meant to function as an extension of the main website. The content of a microsite typically focuses on specific information that might be more detailed than what is found on the main website, and is meant to draw visitors to the main website or to follow a call to action.

Depending upon the company utilizing microsites, the minisite include editorial or commercial content that doesn’t necessarily fit in with the content of the main website, such as seasonal information or holiday sales, or specific information regarding an upcoming event. Microsites might also contain more detailed descriptions of a particular product and any related editorial content. This saves the main website from being cluttered with too much information, which can at times cause visitors to become disinterested or annoyed and click away.

The effectiveness of a microsite is based on its keyword rich information, which is meant to attract visitors who might be searching for that particular targeted search term or keyword, which might not be used often on the main website. By utilizing strong SEO content, these microsites are designed to rank high on search engine results for those particular search terms, (whereas the main website might rank lower due to its broader content). This, in turn, will then lead visitors to the main site, serving to increase a company’s online visibility and gain a larger customer base.

An Example of How Microsites Work

Suppose you are a company involved in machining, selling parts to various industries. Your main website might contain lots of broad information regarding the various industries, one of which includes the windmill industry. Potential customers or clients searching for things relative to windmills might not find you site if they are searching specifically for windmill machine parts, because of all the other content on your site.

So you might set up a 1-page microsite about the windmill industry, and include a few paragraphs of content filled with related keywords. The website might be called, and would attract visitors that might not have necessarily been using search terms that would lead them to your website, but will be drawn there through links on the microsite. Essentially, it’s about using more than one type of bait to catch more fish. The visitors should have the information about all stickers available at the site. The catching of the fishes with the reading of the articles will be easy for the person. 

Once the goal of a microsite has been determined, and the unique content has been written, microsites are generally quick to produce, and also inexpensive.