Understanding The Network Of Wifi

Wifis have become an integral part of our lives today as most of the people use wifi to connect to the internet on a daily basis. Wifi stands for Wireless Fidelity and is used to provide internet connection to users by using radio waves.

  • The Benefits Of Wifi

Wifis have proved to be very beneficial for everyone around the globe as anyone can connect to the internet sitting almost anywhere in the world. Wifis are nowadays available at almost all public places such as libraries, stations, schools, hotels, etc.

  • How Does Wifi Work

Wifi like mobile phones works by using radio waves. A computer with a wireless adapter is used to translate data send in radion signal and then the signal is transmitted using an antenna into a decoder. The decoder is commonly known as a router. After the data is decoded it could be sent to the internet using an Ethernet connection. An Ethernet connection is a wired connection.

  • Frequencies

Wifi works on different frequencies in order to transmit data. The frequency level depends on the data that is to be transmitted. Wifis normally use frequency levels of 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz to transmit data depending on the amount of data.

  • Hotspots

Hotspots are the areas where the wifi connections are available. In order to connect to a hotspot the computer must have a wireless adaptor as those adaptors are used to transmit the data allowing the user to connect to the internet.

Understanding the wifi network is quite complicated but using it is very simple. Almost everyone uses wifi but they are often faced with a problem called slow wifi speed. If this is the case with you then you can use a wifi booster in order to increase your wifi speed. You can go to the AppStore and compare different boosters and chose the best wifi booster for yourself.