Types Of Insoles: Guide Before Buying

If you have some health problems like Bunions, calluses, hammertoes, diabetes-related foot pain or fatigue, one leg slightly shorter or pain under your feet, one of the best treatments that you may want to consider is wearing mindinsole or simply insole. Generally, insoles provide comfort; support and treatment that your body needs to stay healthy. Moreover. For people who always stand or walk for prolonged time, there is a tendency that they might experience some health issues in the future. Hence, wearing an insole is definitely a wise action to take. However, with different types of insole, choosing what to buy can be quite confusing. To help you out, this article will provide you the basic types of insole and their uses.

Rigid Support

Rigid support is a type of insole that is designed to help you control the movement of your foot below the ankle. As such, it is considered as a technical type of insoles. Rigid support is also helpful in preventing your foot from turning in excessive pronation.

Soft Support

Soft support is a type of insole used as the absorber of the insole world. This helps in creating balance in your foot and providing ease pressure on sore points of your foot. Most of the soft support insoles are made up of gel or foam.

Semi-rigid Support

If you are looking for an insole, which falls between the features of rigid support and soft support, then semi-rigid support is the best deal for you. It has a combination of foam, leather, plastic, cork, and other supportive materials.

In this light, knowing the different types of insole will allow you to choose the right one and most comfortable for you. You just need to consider your health conditions and concerns and match it with the functions of these insole types.