TV Show Review: The WB’s Supernatural

Ghost stories are taken to a whole new level in the WB’s original series Supernatural. The tales of the weird and unknown take on a new life in this clever series, and whether you’re a fan of traditional ghost stories or looking for something new Supernatural will keep you on the edge of your seat. Personally, this is one of my favorites as I watched this show on cat mouse apk. The app was one of my favorites as I used to watch all the latest movies and tv shows on this app only.

The story focuses on two brothers who travel all over the nation “hunting” creatures. Anything from Vampires to Werewolves, ghosts, and Djins, to Demons and other Demonic creatures our heroes have seen it all. The story starts when the boys are nothing more than children. The youngest brother, Sam Winchester, is only an infant and his older brother, Dean Winchester, is only a few years old.

One night Sam is being put to bed by their mother when a dark creature, a demon enters the nursery. Sam’s mother is struck by an invisible force and pinned to the ceiling of the nursery. Soon the boy’s father enters the room and looks to see his wife on the ceiling and the room bursts into flames. Sam and Dean’s Father get the boys out of the home as the fire department shows up, and then the hunt begins.

Fast forward twenty years, and this is where the show takes place. Sam and Dean have gone their separate ways, Sam has gone off to college, while Dean has remained a “hunter” the same as their father. One day Dean calls Sam and tells him that their father has gone missing. It’s around this time that Sam’s current girlfriend, Jessica, is murdered in the same manner that their mother was killed. After this turn of events Sam decides to join his brother, Dean, in order to track down and kill the creature that has killed not only their mother, but Jessica as well.

After a few years on the air the story has really developed quite a bit, and some may find it hard to catch up. Sam turns out to have special powers that he was granted by the Demon who killed his mother and Jessica. Also there are other children out there just like him with these abilities, although they are not all the same. Sam can see visions of events before they happen while others can control objects with their mind, manipulate peoples thoughts, and even control the supernatural.

Along the road Sam and Dean encounter a vast amount of evil creatures and other hideous things that they are forced to confront and kill. Almost every myth, or legend that you can think of has been featured in Supernatural. The hook man of many famed urban legends was a terrifying villain, as was Dark Druid encountered in a small town and of course the powerful spirits of the violently deceased that pop up form time to time.

Each episode will keep you on the edge of your seat, not knowing when a character may encounter a life altering event. Dean has a heart condition that was brought on by an electric shock received by a nasty spirit of a crazed doctor in an asylum and the boys father sacrificed his life in order to save Dean.

There is so much action and adventure in the series it’s hard to keep up, but Supernatural is a great show ith some very detailed and well built character development. The paranormal confronted by Starsky and Hutch may be an accurate description, with a car they love just as much. The first seasons of Supernatural have come to DVD and the latest season has just wrapped up with some very unusual twists so be sure to check out the series and get caught up on all the Winchester boy’s exploits into the world of the unknown!