Top Trendy Purses Under $50

Finding a great purse for under $50 is a great way to add some of the latest fashion trends to your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Interchanging affordable trendy purses is a great way to add a new touch to an existing outfit. A great trendy purse is an affordable way to have the latest styles without feeling like you have to keep it forever with, Hijab giving the real touch of true beauty with a great style choice, impacting the overall personality of yours. I personally find that as I get older adding just a little bit of the latest trends to my look is a lot more appropriate. I don’t look like I am still trying to be 16. An inexpensive purse is the best way I know to change an entire look for the least amount of money. Here are some great choices for some of the latest fashion trends in purse products under $50. 

The Embroidered Wood Handle Clutch from Urban Outfitters is a fabulous trendy purse that costs under $50. The vintage look is very fashionable right now. Adding a vintage purse to almost any outfit will immediately make you super fashionable. This great purse is a great reproduction of purses from the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s. This purse is great for adding colorful, fun, and perfect to your summer wardrobe. It is made of a heavy twill fabric that is accented with embroidered flowers and pearl like buttons along the top of the purse opening. Strawberries, flowers and leaves are a fun and summer embroidery that makes this great purse a great summer accessory. Scalloped edges are fun and stylish sat the same time. This is a great fashionable purse that is perfect for shoppers of all ages. The Embroidered Wood Handle Clutch from Urban Outfitters (also referred to as the Bermuda Bag) costs $42.00 at Urban Outfitters. You can find it online at 

For the super trendy hobo bag purse look check out the Xhilaration Stud Hobo purse in dark brown at your local Target. Target is a great place to find trendy purses under $50. They are well known for their trendy and inexpensive creations. This makes them the perfect place to get some of the latest trends in purse fashion without investing too much money in something that may not be in style in a month or two. This hobo inspired purse is very affordable at a mere $19.99. It is roomy and can hold all of the stuff you want to cram into your purse! I personally think carrying a hob purse is reason enough to lug around half of my earthly belongings with me! This purse measures in at 11′ long, 22.5′ wide, and 4″ deep. Now that is big! Studded accents make this trendy purse edgy, affordable, and perfect to wear with jeans or khakis. You can find it online at as well as in you r local Target store. 

Another great inexpensive trendy purse that comes in well under $50 is the Xhilaration Slouchy Rosette Bag. This great purse is also available at Target. It comes in black of course. It has a modern touch that is perfect with any finished and very pulled together fashion. Attitude is a big part of this fashionable purse. It is made of very nice looking leather looking material and slouches comfortably. I have washed mine off with a soapy rag after many a mysterious mark has appeared on I, and the purse always looks brand-new! There is a super fashionable ring style handle that is easy to carry and looks great. The inside of this affordable trendy purse is one of the best features. There is so much room you just can’t go wrong buying this bag. I can fit my phone, wallet, makeup, and almost anything else I decide to cram in. It snaps close to make sure all my stuff doesn’t come tumbling out. The Xhilaration Slouchy Rosette Bag purse costs only $16.99, well under $50. It is a great sturdy trendy bag for that little price tag!