Top 3 Alternatives To Fortnite

Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the most played video games today. Its grabbing gameplay and multi-player mode are the main factors behind the stellar popularity of the game of late. And of course there are great skins and emotes to buy from But Fortnite can be really addictive and addiction of any kind is harmful for your well-being. Are you a die-hard Fortnite fan who keeps on playing the game for hours? Well, that would fast take you to addiction and you need to switch to other games in the meantime to keep yourself safe. The post below offers a brief on other equally amazing video game alternatives to Fortnite.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The game stands out with its super-fast combat, bright rich world as well as a truly compelling storyline. Unlike Fortnite, the game can be played in offline mode. It’s also a single player game which you can enjoy in your “me” time. The game has received kudos for its exciting challenges that promise a thrilling time on the screen.

Sea of Thieves

You have another amazing game here which you would love to play in between your Fortnite sessions. It’s a multi-player combat game which you will enjoy with your entire gang. Sea of Thieves is designed for a thrilling adventure which will lead you to a hidden treasure chest, if played right.


When you have an award-winning platformer behind a game, you know the game is a must-play. The central character of Celeste is a woman. The character has to climb up a huge mountain to finish her task. But, the mountain is not the only obstacle for her. Her obstacle is her own inner demons that she has to fight off to get to the road to the mountain. And yes, players have also lauded the game for its excellent musical score.