The Truth About Hypnosis and Weight Loss

You see, a lot of people seem to fall into two camps when it comes to hypnosis and weight loss: there are those who are skeptical about it but are so frustrated with dieting that they’re willing to try just about anything to lose weight, and there are those who are just looking for a “you are healed” slap across the head that will magically melt away those unwanted pounds without any effort on their part.

The truth is that while hypnosis is far more effective at losing weight than dieting, without proper nutritional and behavioral education it’s nothing more than a feel-good mindset tool.

Anything worth doing in your life takes effort and losing weight is no different. Hypnosis will very effectively put you in a frame of mind that will allow you to make better food choices, but unless you have the proper nutritional and behavioral education it will be of limited value.

For example, if you are an emotional eater (you eat when you’re lonely, angry, or depressed) you can easily break this habit with hypnosis. But let’s say you’re actually eating because you’re hungry (a good first step!) and you decide that a soft drink would go well with your meal. In your hypnosis session you became empowered to “eat only when you’re hungry and make healthy food choices” (that’s actually one of the embedded commands in my weight loss hypnosis system). So you ask yourself “Is a diet soft drink a healthier choice than a regular soft drink?”

Without the proper education you may be tempted to think that a diet soft drink is the healthier food choice because it has fewer calories. With some basic nutritional education though, you’ll recognize that the aspartame (a sugar substitute found in thousands of “diet” products) in that diet soft drink is far more harmful to your body than the sugar in a regular soda would have been. It may even cause you to gain more weight over time. Google it and see for yourself. This is why it is really necessary that before buying any products like supplement, it is important to carefully check some reviews like bluechew reviews first. This will help you see whether a product is effective or not.

Sure, a glass of water is the best choice of all, but we’re all human and the goal is not deprivation but liberation. Freedom from feeling helplessness around food because of misinformation and poor internal programming.

Once you understand what good food choices actually are, then you are ready to enjoy all the benefits of weight loss hypnosis. You must attack your weight loss issue from both inside and out: hypnosis works on the inside issues of emotional eating, mindset, and motivation, while proper nutritional and behavioral education works on the outside. Both are necessary for a permanent weight loss solution.