The Newest Craze in Earning Money Online

Every day, people are coming up with new ways to earn money on-line. The most popular things lately are Evergreen Wealth Formula and Get Paid To” sites that pay you to sign up for various offers. In themselves, these programs seem pretty innocuous. After all, who wouldn’t want free money? Although a lot of things you can sign up for our well known, respected companies like BlockBuster and Columbia House, there are several inherent problems with participating in these programs.

Firstly, these sites do have a lot of free programs you can join, and these “freebie sites” usually offer some sort of incentive to sign up for their respective programs. The problem is, these programs generate tons of spam. I have actually had to change my primary email because of all the spam.

Secondly, there are several one dollar trial sites. It is these sites that scare me. A majority of them are affiliated with a company called Trilegiant, which has been identified as a scam by the BBB. There are countless programs affiliated with this company, and every one of them has to be canceled by telephone. That sounds pretty simple, but it is not.

I made the mistake of signing up for one of these trials, and I would have kept the program, but my membership materials never arrived. After waiting for three weeks for my “welcome package”, I called the 800 number and canceled my subscription, and thinking I had taken care of it, promptly forgot about it. A couple of months later, I was checking my PayPal account and saw a charge I didn’t recognize billed to my PayPal debit card. Since I hadn’t used my debit card in a while, I naturally became suspicious. I don’t know how I came up with the idea to Google the company, but when I did, I found thousands of entries, all mentioning this company, Trilegiant, and how they have been doing this to people for years. One led me to a forum, where I found over a hundred posts referring to this company, and how each person had been trying and failing to successfully cancel the subscription with this company.

One of the posts mentioned a link to the BBB about this company and the information I found there really made my hair stand on end. According to the BBB, this company has had over a hundred complaints, just this year! Upon reading further, I discovered that half of the phone numbers for this company are invalid, abut luckily the correct number to call was posted.

The next morning, I called to cancel my subscription with this company for the second time. While I was on the phone, the representative tried several times to convince me to stay with the program. After stating how disinterested I was in remaining a subscriber at least a dozen times, I was transferred to a supervisor, who also tried repeatedly to persuade me to change my mind. After getting a little rude about it, I made it clear I was unhappy about what I considered unauthorized charges on my PayPal debit card. At first, they only wanted to refund half of my money, but when I mentioned adding my complaint to the BBB database, my money was refunded, but the charges will be broken up into monthly increments

Next, I had to call PayPal. Since I don’t trust this company to stop charging my debit card, I had to report it lost or stolen. While I was on the phone with PayPal fraud and security, I was advised that my password would be changed and that I would not be able to access my PayPal account until I received my password reset information.

Needless to say, I strongly recommend avoiding using these types of programs to make money on the Internet. The little bit of money you would make is just not worth all the inconvenience