The Essential Guide In Choosing Gifts For Sci-Fi Movie Lovers

When the time for gift-giving fast approaches, whether it’s a holiday or other special occasion, there are few people easier to please than fans of sci-fi movies. Coming from someone like me, a proud, self-admitted sci-fi geek, that’s no slight against the fans. Indeed, we’re a passionate bunch, and many of us foster more than just a passing interest in the genre. It’s not uncommon for those who love sci-fi movies to become hardcore enthusiasts and collectors, making it pretty easy for to figure out just what kind of gifts would make us happy.

Yes, we love to receive fruit baskets every now and then, such as those from But if one such sci-fi movie fan happens to be on your shopping list this year, you won’t go wrong with one (or more) of these great gifts. Take it from this lover of sci-fi movies, the only reason your favorite sci-fi fan wouldn’t want one of these items is if he or she already has it, so make sure to find out in advance!

The Home Theater:

LG LHB335 Network Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System

The biggest ticket item on the list, the most obvious choice for a true lover of sci-fi movies is a great home theater system to watch those movies in the first place. This system includes a Blu-ray and 5.1 sound system right in the box, so all you have to do is hook it up to an existing HDTV and you’re ready to go. On sale at for $299.99, it’s an excellent value.

Why a home theater is especially important for sci-fi fans

Unlike fans of other genres, sci-fi fans have a particular need for a great home theater system. After all, it’s quite possible that modern science fiction blockbusters are the best movie showcase of high definition visual and sound effects. Your favorite fan will appreciate the chance to enjoy the sound of every last laser blast and starship, as well as the minute visual detail of computer-generated sci-fi creatures and worlds.

The movies: The best recent sci-fi releases on Blu-ray

Once a sci-fi fan has a solid home theater the other essential item he or she will need is a movie to watch! Luckily, sci-fi movies get top-notch releases on Blu-ray, and there have recently been several great movies made available on the format. The biggest sci-fi movie to come to Blu-ray is undoubtedly a little film you might just be familiar with, “Avatar”, made by one of the genre’s premier directors, James Cameron. is selling the three-disc collector’s edition with an extended version of the film for around $25. Undoubtedly the other great sci-fi movie in recent memory is “Inception”, with a two-disc edition available at for $18. Of course, no list of great recent releases would be complete without mentioning “Iron Man 2”, with the two-disc Blu-ray edition available for $24.

Other odds and ends for sci-fi movie fans

There are few sci-fi movie buffs who aren’t also lovers of the Star Wars franchise, which makes the Star Wars Cook Book a unique surprise for older fans who like to spend time in the kitchen. If cooking isn’t their thing, you couldn’t go wrong with the Star Wars Complete Visual Dictionary. Featuring some of the most memorable music of any sci-fi movie in recent years, Daft Punk’s soundtrack for “Tron: Legacy” would also make a great gift.