The Cannabis Control Board Sets New Home Delivery And Social Consumption Rules

It is a well established fact that marijuana is one of the most easily accessible forms of natural drugs available today. With increasing technological advancements made on a daily basis, the transport and delivery system are seeing an enormous surge in their business. All of this has led to the forming of new legal rules and procedures. Governments all across the world are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers that can be potentially caused by medicinal and recreational uses of marijuana. In the light of recent misuse and incidents related to marijuana, the cannabis control board has set some new rules that affects the global transport and delivery of this wonderful and oh so useful herb.

Why Is This Necessary?

All of us know the effects of a small innocent puff of cannabis. It completely takes over the inhibitions of the body and renders the thinking capacity of a person useless. This is a very good recipe for disaster. People all across the world are misusing cannabis and this has increased the number of weed related deaths and injury in the recent years. Delivery systems like cannabis delivery new york are making cannabis more accessible to people of all ages. And with increased delivery comes decreased awareness about the right usages of marijuana. The social norms and regulations have been put in place to ensure that no person is harmed while using this drug for recreational or medicinal purposes.

Introduction To The Altered Laws And Regulations

According to the new rules set by the Cannabis control board, the delivery and usage of cannabis will become even more complicated than it actually is. Though it is legal in some countries to consume weed as edibles or in direct form, it is a thing of concern how people are misusing those laws and finding loopholes in it that is increasing the accident rates. The delivery truck drivers now need to wear a body camera at all times, including this the transactions related to cannabis and marijuana can be stored in a dispensary for a maximum number of 30 days after which it is a criminal offence. The home delivery and self consumption rules have also gotten stricter.