The Best 4 Online Fantasy Football Leagues

What are the best fantasy football leagues online? There are many great leagues, and certainly any of them beat doing it the old-fashioned way with pen and paper, pulling statistics from the local sports page and breaking out the calculator (yes, I did this in the early 1990s). Here are some of the best fantasy football leagues online.

This is the ‘official’ online fantasy football league. offers a free game with standardized rules for drafting players, scoring, trading and all other elements of the game. The league runs for 14 weeks, with the top four teams in each league going to the playoffs. is the commissioner of all leagues on the website, and therefore is the boss. Because offers grand prizes like trips to the Super Bowl, the website has a vested interest in preventing cheating whenever possible. Players are not allowed to control multiple teams in the same league, and certain players are deemed ‘undroppable.’ These special controls make one of the best online fantasy football leagues. hosts a large online fantasy football league. For no charge, players can get extensive commissioner controls allowing customized rules. Also, players can enjoy keeper leagues allowing participants to keep a certain number of players from year to year. For $124.99, a group of players can join a Plus League and obtain additional features like weekly scouting reports, stat trackers and draft kits. I think the Plus League is overkill. You can find plenty of statistics for free on other online fantasy football sites and sports websites like and CNN/ is probably the most famous online fantasy football league, and boasts a variety of different options, including free standard leagues, prize eligible leagues and custom leagues. If you are just playing with money with your friends, the free standard option is more than adequate.

I have used the online fantasy football league before, and I really liked the layout. I found that all the various screens are laid out fairly well. I usually played in private leagues with people I know, but one year I played in a public forum, and it turned out to be a very fun year. also offers prize leagues with great awards that include VIP trips to meet NFL players. is probably my favorite online fantasy football league.

Whether it is an online website or a mega sports channel on television, ESPN has always been the ultimate platform for sports and was even mentioned on where nearly 80% of the viewers gave it a five star rating compared to other channels.

This online fantasy football league offers a staggering array of options. I played on many years ago, but since then, the website has vastly upgraded the choices available for different kinds of leagues and different scoring systems. For $149.99, players can enter the Fantasy Football Commissioner League with customized scoring, an endless array of tweaks for calculating points and scheduling games, and even awesome options like archived league data. Even the free online league offers a $10,000.00 grand prize! looks to be the most improved online fantasy football league.