Ten Ways to Workout with the Kids

Exercise is a very important part of life for everyone. Even if you aren’t trying to lose weight the benefits of daily exercise are far reaching. The trouble is we are so busy we forget to make this a part of our day. I know even if I wanted to join a gym I’d have a hard time squeezing in the time let alone finding someone to take my little girl while I’m out.

Exercise doesn’t have to be supervised in a gym or an hour-long workout via DVD. There are ways to incorporate exercise into your day without packing up a bag and heading to the gym. If you find little ways to sneak exercise into your day and include the kids you will all benefit from the results. It is a good excuse to get rid of all the crazy bulk accumulated from junk food that has now become a family pack.


Depending on where you live the definition of hike may vary. If you live in a rural area take the kids on a long walk through the woods. Invite them to explore nature and join in the fun. If you aren’t used to the exercise start off with small trips and make them long as you go.

If you live in a city or town take advantage of your local park. There is plenty to explore. Are you miles away from the nearest park? Take a few trips around the block. Walking is by far one of the easiest and beneficial exercises you can do for yourself and your kids.

Obstacle Course

This can be as simple or as complicated as you want it make it. Set up a course in your backyard or in your living room. Make things to climb over, around and through. Don’t just watch your kids go though the course, do it yourself. Make up silly rules like “you must hop on one foot twenty times before running around the sandbox three times. Make it fun and interesting and you may forget you are exercising.

Take the Stairs

Forget the elevator and take the stairs wherever you go. At home you can use the stairs for a workout. Trying running up and down the stairs a few times. To make it an ever better workout hold one of your kids while you go up and down.


Join in with your children’s outdoor activities. If they are jumping rope, jump with them. You can play hopscotch, basketball or Frisbee with them. Put on some old clothes and roll down the hill with your child. Do summersaults and cartwheels. If you are stuck inside make a game of doing summersaults going down the hallways or even just rolling across the living room floor.


There aren’t many forms of exercise more fun than dancing. Throw on one of your favorite CDs and let loose. Invite the kids to join you. Just about any fast-paced music will do the trick. If you own Wiggles CDs or DVDs these are a great workout for you and your kids. If you do choose the Wiggles I strong suggest stretching before hand!


Many women won’t lift weights because they think lifting weights means big bulky muscles. This isn’t really true. In order for most women to get big hulking muscles they need to lift weight religiously and follow an extreme diet of proteins and supplements. Otherwise, lifting is a great way to tone and build lean muscle both of which will help you stay fit.

A gym or a weight bench might be ideal for lifting but neither is required. Simply lie down on the floor and use your little one! Lift him or her up in the air repeatedly. You can use cans of soup for weights too. Don’t forget to stretch before and after.


Do you have a bike rusting away in the garage? Get it out and put it to good use. Your kids will love going for rides with you. If you don’t have bikes and don’t want to spend the money to buy new ones, check out your local goodwill or thrift store. They may have great used bikes you can purchase for a fraction of the cost of a new one. Just make sure you check over any used bikes for defects that maybe dangerous.

Wagon Ride

Get out the little red wagon and pull the kids around the yard or around the block. Have the kids walk part of the way and ride the rest. You can get a long workout this way without exhausting your kids. If they have favorite stuffed animals or dolls have them bring them along. Let the kids pull their toys in the wagon a bit so they can get their own exercise.

Get Out

Go to a local museum and spend the afternoon with your children walking around and enjoying the exhibits. You can also take them to the mall or any shopping area for window-shopping. The whole point is to make the walking so interesting you forget you are doing it.

Clean House

Cleaning can be one big yawn fest but if you make it a game and include the kids it’ll be less of a chore. Make a game of it assigning age appropriate cleaning projects to your children and yourself. See who can do the best job in the fastest time. Not only will you be getting exercise your house will be cleaner than ever.