Tar Chip Paving Contractor – Provides the information about the paving stones

Gorman Paving is a locally-owned and operated Manassas tar and chip company; everyone on our team lives here and appreciates the unique historical and cultural aspects of working and paving in this great town. The best thing about being here in Manassas is the people, of course. And as the population continues to grow, we hope to be able to welcome our newer neighbors to the area while we continue to provide top-notch service to our neighbors who, like us, have enjoyed growing up right here in Manassas.

The contractors will guide the people about kõnniteekivide paigaldus to have the right results. The installation of the right stones will enhance the appearance of the driveways. The enjoyment is great with the unique design and the best services are available.

A Manassas Tar and Chip Company with an Appreciation for History and Design

The average age of homes here in the Manassas area is about 18 years old, but of course, as anyone who lives here knows, Manassas is home to countless historical landmarks; landmarks that are both locally and nationally important. With major Revolutionary and Civil War historical sites and other culturally and historically important locations dotting the area, we have a great sensitivity to how our paving projects impact the aesthetics of our neighbors’ homes and businesses. This understanding and responsiveness is why Gorman Paving is a top Manassas tar and chip company.

Tar and chip paving is a perfect solution for many Manassas homes and business that want to maintain the rustic look of our historical heritage, but still enjoy the durability of modern paving technology. Basically, we keep the rustic look on top, but underneath, the modern mix of hot asphalt cement holds everything together for a long-lasting, extremely cost-effective, but highly-customizable paving solution.

For example, we have worked with many Manassas homeowners with classic homes who did not want a  

black asphalt driveway to detract from the historical design of their homes and yards. By using a tar and chip driveway, they can choose a color of stone chips that will match and accentuate their architecture and landscaping. We embed this customized mix of crushed chip stone into the hot tar that has been applied to the base. The stones cover and conceal the tar and are bonded to it so that, unlike a gravel driveway, the stones stay put and are easy to walk and drive over without a lot of loose gravel.

Our Manassas tar and chip company also uses this type of paving for modern buildings and applications, mostly because it is incredibly cost effective and also climate-friendly. Unlike asphalt that needs to be resealed every couple of years, a tar and chip driveway takes very little maintenance for up to a decade. It is also less expensive to apply in the first place. On top of that, our Manassas neighbors love how tar and chip driveways hide unsightly oil stains. Tar and chip also provides superior traction during wet, snowy and icy weather while also keeping it just a shade cooler during our hot, humid Manassas summers! In short, tar and chip paving is a great way to go for many homes and businesses in our fantastic town!

Our Manassas tar and chip company is locally owned and operated, so we understand you and your needs because we live here too! So if you are wondering what to do about the driveway to your home or the parking area for your business, give us a call at (703) 257-3880 and we’ll stop by to chat with you about your paving project!