Strength of CBD Oil

CBD (or cannabinoid cannabidiol) is derived from the cannabis plant and is highly renowned for its therapeutic advantages. It has been scientifically proven to relieve pain, fight anxiety, reduce stress levels, treat epilepsy, fix acne problems, sharpen concentration powers, and even provide cancer treatment. In fact, the most commonly searched advantage is CBD for sleep. According to the needs of the consumer, CBD oils are categorized based on their strength.

What do you mean by Strength of CBD Oil?

Once you decide to give CBD oil a try after reading its mind-blowing advantages, it is time to decide the potency or strength of oil to buy. And by that, we mean the CBD present per volume of the oil. Actually, CBD oil is a mixture of CBD in fatty carrier oils which are easy to digest. The larger the amount of CBD present, the stronger the CBD oil. The potency directly impacts the cost and the effectiveness of CBD oil. The strength of CBD oil is directly proportional to its efficacy.


Potencies can range anywhere between 100 mg to 1000 mg of CBD for a 30 mL bottle of oil. The suitable potency of Cbdistillery products highly depends on the type of consumer and the objective of consuming.

Usually, low strength CBD oils (100 mg to 300 mg) are ideal for minor body pains and anxiety issues. It is also suitable for individuals who possess a more active endocannabinoid system and cannot withstand stronger dosages. Lower potency CBD oil is additionally perfect for daily consumption, helping to develop immunity and body wellness.

CBD oil with the potency from 300 mg to 600 mg can be labelled as Mid-Potency. It is used in cases of moderate stress and anxiety levels, inflammation, and digestive problems. Oils with more than 600 mg of CBD are High Potency CBD oils. They are often used in acute cases of depression, insomnia, and chronic ailments. It does not suit all body types and hence, should be discussed with a doctor’s prior intake.