Social Media Restaurant Marketing Campaign

Before writing anything, you have to first understand there are some key concepts, techniques, and practices involved when creating any online content. Ask yourself a few key questions first:

Who are you? Of course, people would want to know the website they’re going to, and what it is all about. In this case, you’re a restaurant aiming to market your services online. It’s best to be brief and concise about your identity, otherwise people will lose interest right away and move on to another website. It always helps to remember the Internet is very competitive place to be, it is best to let people know who you are immediately. Let them know why you’ve opened up the restaurant and what drove you to do so. A little background on your business always helps to generate interest among customers.

Who is your customer? Once you’ve established your identity, it’s time to identify your customer. Let’s say that you’re the owner of an Asian restaurant that serves a lot of exotic dishes. Naturally, you would want to advertise your menu online, and you would want to target an audience that wants to eat your food just to try something different. Alternatively, you can also choose to market your restaurant to anyone whom you think would like to try out the food. Whatever the case, make sure to choose an appropriate voice when writing anything down in your sites, as well as select pictures that you believe are sure to attract potential customers. You can see here to get more insights, ideas and information on how you can identify your customers. Nowadays, there are now several tools on how to make things easier and faster.

What do you offer? This should be answered right in your home page, or in the restaurant description. Make a list of the types of food you serve, your business hours and any other services provided to your customers. Do you do take-out or deliveries? Do you have wheelchair access? Do you accept credit cards as a mode of payment? Be as brief yet as comprehensive as possible when answering these –just a line or two of each will do.

Do you have what the customer needs? Remember the customer always goes to Google first to look for anything, so make sure to add the necessary keywords in your articles. This is mainly done in order to optimize your website for search engines, so consult any trusted SEO specialists to provide you with keywords needed for your business.

Where are you? Of course, any interested people would want to go to your restaurant, so it is imperative that you let them know where you are. Post your address on the sites so they can visit you. Putting your restaurant on Google Maps helps a lot in this case. There are also other websites online that offer similar services, so it’s always a good idea to check out what you think is best for you.

So when writing any articles or posting any media for your websites, make sure you answer these basic questions. Try to be a bit casual in your presentation, get them interested and be sure to point them in the right direction.