Seven Signs You’Re Making Excuses To Keep Smoking

Rationalizing a bad habit is human nature, especially if the habit’s stuck around for long enough to become a part of your lifestyle. Many smokers toy with the idea of quitting smoking, only to settle back into old habits at the sign of stress or simply as a fear of change. While change can be hard, there are some ways to overcome the most common excuses that keep you stuck in the smoking habit. Here are seven signs you’re making excuses to keep smoking, and what to do about them:

Excuse to Keep Smoking: It Helps Me Manage Stress

Many smokers use smoking as a stress reliever, and even cutting back on a few cigarettes that usual can trigger discomfort. Still, quitting smoking actually reduces overall stress levels when the body starts to manage stress in a natural and healthy way. Try and find natural relaxation activities as an alternative to the cigarette, or even pursue acupuncture or health supplements that help reduce stress levels naturally.

Excuse to Keep Smoking: It’s Not As Bad as Other Drugs

This is a common excuse of many people who seeking a ‘substance fix,’ but it doesn’t offer much when nicotine is controlling your life. Becoming dependent on cigarettes to feel good puts you at risk for a variety of illnesses and disease, and doesn’t necessarily make you better off than another drug habit. The key here is getting out of being dependent on any substance or drug in order to feel better.

Excuse to Keep Smoking: The Cravings Are Too Strong

Cravings are the biggest obstacle for smokers trying to quit, but there are some natural ways to reduce cravings when you’ve made the commitment. From eating a healthy diet to taking licorice supplements, alternative medicine offers a number of valuable solutions to reduce cravings for the long-term.

Excuse to Keep Smoking: I Need More Willpower

Willpower isn’t always the magic key to quitting smoking since there is a physical element of needing that cigarette fix. While a support group or a mentor can help, you will need to make some dietary and lifestyle changes to accommodate your quitting schedule. Getting into an exercise regiment is one option, since it’s a natural confidence booster and can help your health overall. Finding support for your endeavor is just a part of the process, but it cannot be ‘granted’ to you until you make an effort to improve other parts of your life.

Excuse to Keep Smoking: I Only Smoke Organic/Natural Cigarettes

Natural and organic cigarettes are just as potent, if not more, than the average brand. Don’t fall for the misconception of ‘natural’ being a friendly word; it is commonly used as a marketing tactic, and these cigarettes still lead to many health problems with long-term use.

Excuse to Keep Smoking: I’m Trying to Lose Weight

While cigarettes do work well as an appetite suppressant, there are plenty of healthier ways to lose weight. If you’re serious about losing weight, join a gym, eat a well-balanced diet, and stay active. Drinking lots of water throughout the day and eating snacks regularly can also help you take the pounds off, giving you far less time to reach for a cigarette that is probably controlling your day.

Excuse to Keep Smoking: I Only Smoke a Few Times Per Week

Any habit that continues to compound on itself can lead towards poor health; even a few cigarettes per week can make you dependent on nicotine in a few months, and your cravings for cigarettes will only increase. Smoking a few times per week does have one benefit; you have more days to commit to better health so you can get rid of your smoking sessions completely. The hu58 supplement will reduce the smoking habits of the person. The health of the person will remain good when there will be no smoking through the person. The poor health will be converted into good one.

When you catch yourself making any of these excuses when confronted with the notion of quitting smoking, do a double take and reconsider; your health depends on it!