Seattle Debuts Nations First Billboard For Cannabis Products

15 billboards popped up all over Seattle advertising, representing the first time ever cannabis-based products have had their own billboard campaign in the nation. The Seattle-based company’s ad shows a rugged-looking, bearded man sitting to the left of the frame. He is outside of a tent with a coffee cup in his hand with a far-off look. The sun peaks over the tent in the background and the silhouettes of trees run to the right. Text is laid over the trees reading, “Join the Conversation #WAlegal,” “Dama Cannabis Products” and their logo, what looks like a yellow circle formed around a clear water drop. Near the bottom right you find their website and an invite to find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Queen Anne, Sodo, Rainier Valley, and West Seattle sections of Seattle were some of the locations the billboards could be spotted. Co-President of New Leaf Enterprises, which owns Dama Cannabis Products, Dax Colwell said, “This is the beginning of a new industry. This is marketing, this is what’s going to happen in this industry. And so we are just being the first to put it out in the public eye.”

The company is using the billboards to advertise its cannabis oils and infused products which have been sold in medical dispensaries throughout the state. But now the company wants to get into the recreational game. They plan to expand to recreational dispensaries over the next half year and looks like an ad you would have for camping gear, coffee, or beer. Colwell says it depicts the “Pacific Northwest lifestyle moments for recreational marijuana.,” and, “We’re being respectful because the campaign is the first of its kind.” Colwell believes “they’re lifestyle ads that depict the good times that people have had with cannabis.”

These forerunners in the industry are taking great pains to show mail order marijuana as something adult instead of juvenile, and for savvy users rather than merely hippies and slackers. This isn’t the only piece of their marketing campaign. CenturyLink Field will see a fly-over banner at the upcoming pre-season Seattle Seahawks versus San Diego Chargers home opener. Another 3,000 ft. banner will be flying over Hempfest. Seattle’s Myrtle Edwards Park sees hundreds of thousands of attendees at this event. As the months roll on, Colwell thinks other cannabis-based companies will begin to follow their lead and roll out their own marketing campaigns. Leafly, another Seattle-based company called the “Yelp for weed,” put a full-page ad in the New York Times. Colwell says, “This is going to be a competitive market and so now it’s time to put our name out there and start the marketing.”