Rating Kiss My Face’s Moisture Shaves! Why? Check This Out.

The reason you purchase Kiss My Face products is not because they are low in price, but because they are ‘natural’ products that are good for you. Their popular moisture shave is a great example of this. After trying out the Key Lime scented version of this luxurious shaving ‘gel,’ I’m won over. Here’s my rating.


For an 11-ounce pump bottle, you will expect to pay $6.00. Granted, you can pick up a can of shave gel for $3.00 at Wal-mart, but that’s a lesser amount by a few ounces. If you don’t want to pay more for natural products, than it’s probably not worth it to you. I find it reasonably priced for a moisturizing shave.


There are a variety of ‘flavors’ to choose from. The choices are Key Lime, Peach  amp; Cream (this one smells like overly ripe peaches to me), Cool Mint, Vanilla Earth, Lavender and Shea, and Patchouli. All of them are pleasant, and even if you don’t like it that much the scent will not linger much longer than a few minutes after you rinse it off. This is great for sensitive skin. And if you dislike scents, you can also buy it in fragrance-free. It’s really hard to find something like that in a gel can, so I appreciate Kiss My Face’s sensitivity to this dilemma.

Convenience of Design

The design is great. It isn’t a can that you need to remove a pop-top every time you use nassrasierer, because its great and keeps the skin free from risk dropping it in the shower several times, waking up everyone in the house. Instead, it’s designed in a pump style bottle that you can dispense easily into your hand, without worrying about dropping it. This handy bottle can be placed directly on the shower floor because it is made of plastic, rather than metal that will make a rust ring. I give it an A+ for design.


This isn’t really a gel that foams as you would expect. The canned gels come out in a puff of lather. But you won’t find that here. The actual consistency is a creamy hand soap. It lathers nicely with water and gives an even coating to prevent nicks and cuts. It lathers just enough for your skin, but doesn’t collect under your feet and cause accidents. The best part about it is that you can use about a dime-sized amount for full effects.

I’ve also found that it won’t leave your skin painfully dry afterwards. Many shaving gels dry out sensitive skin, but this ‘Moisture Shave’ is true to its name with a rich, thick layer of lather to moisturize as it cleans and protects your skin from a razor blade. I rate its performance an A.

If you are a fan of natural products and are looking to try something new, give Kiss My Face’s Moisture shaves a try. If you aren’t sure which scent to get the Vanilla Earth is light enough to be acceptable to anyone, or just stick with the standard fragrance-free option. Either way you’ll love your shaving experience.