Privacy On The Web: You Have None To Do About! Why? Read To Know

I decided to see how much information I could find on myself online for free. All I was using was my name and City and State. I have a very common name and I didn’t expect to find much information. I really don’t give out a lot of personal information. I only have a cell phone, no home phone, and have never been arrested. So there shouldn’t be any information about me online. I was wrong.

I started with a Google search with my name, city and state, to see what I could pull up, and found out that even though I didn’t have home phone for several years, it’s still pulling up my address and my old number. There was even a map that gives you detailed driving directions from your door to my front door.

I ended up at a website of which not only listed my name, but gave my age also. I also found 4 other cities that I have lived at which it a shock because I have been at the present address for 15 years now. And also gave my daughter’s name as next living relative.

With Google Maps I can even pull up a photo of my house, if I didn’t want to use that, I found my county is kind of enough to take a photo of the front of my house with my vehicles in the driveway with the license tags visible if you want to enhance this photo some, along with the value I paid for the property and the tax records of how well I pay my taxes on time for the last few years. On the tax record I learned that they were correct that I did have a fenced in back yard and a garage built beside my home. I also learned my husband’s name that I could now associate with my name.

I was in a slight fender bender accident a few weeks ago, even though it was minor, there was still a police report made on it. From this report I learned what kind of car I was driving, and the police’s estimate of the damage on it.

At the county website they have a document lookup of assumed names, and deed records. This gives the actual document that they have scanned. I have a business under a different name, and that document is there, showing my actual signature as well as when I filed it, and the name of my business. I also found the record of the deed which was photocopied, with the name of the lien holder and the amount that I was to pay for the mortgage.

I had done all this with just a name, city and state, and learned a lot of myself; so that I can get some of the best torguard promo codes for my summer purchase of tools for my web designing course.

I learned the neighbor’s names and their phone numbers, and since I have a listing of the addresses that I have lived in previous years learning more information about me would be easy. I did this all for free I didn’t pay a dime and found all this information. I am afraid to find out what I would learn if I had paid for a background check.

I never gave anyone permission to print this information on the web, but since its public records it’s allowable for the public to view. This would be fine it wasn’t so easily accessible, if you had to go to the courthouse to look up the records, but for millions of people to see my information with a click of a mouse disturbs me. There is too much information about people on the web, I don’t think everyone should have this much access to my life and my personal business.