Preparing for a Corporate Job by Working through Recruitment Agencies

Are you planning a career in recruitment? Are you prepared for multi-tasking? Can you handle multiple hiring requirements in a single day? Can you be efficient and productive under stress? Can you handle pressure and still come up with a calm and smiling face at a client meeting? These are some common questions asked during an interview for a staffing coordinator or a recruiter. These agencies are essential for local and นำเข้าแรงงานต่างด้าว to land a job, and for enterprises to find workers. Few tips mentioned here can answer these questions and help to shape your career graph on an all time high as a recruitment consultant. 

As a beginner, you could gain a lot of experience by joining as an intern or a level 1 recruiter at any staffing consultant firm. It helps you gain a lot of knowledge about handling multiple staffing requirements in a day. You also get hands on experience on personally handling the clients and their requirements for various open positions. So, why should you opt for a consulting firm than a corporate organization? Does it look good on your resume? 

If you begin working as a recruiter in a corporate firm, you would handle the same requirements and be involved in vendor management. Working in a consultant firm gives you better understanding of how the vendors work and hire. You would know about the percentage they charge from each client and the pace at which they deliver. If you spend a year or two at a recruitment consultant firm, you would be well equipped to handle multiple clients, know about recruitment terminology such as retainers, sign up rates, invoices and generating offer letters and ensure that the clients pay you on time. 

Recruitment consulting firms also encourage the recruiters to handle their clients independently. As a recruiter in such firms, you can develop a good rapport with the clients and get more open positions and hiring requirements for your team. Closing such deals also help you generate more revenue for your firm and earn you accolades. Many a times, clients tend to offer hiring manager positions to people with hiring experience at consulting firms. 

Recruitment consulting firms also work on a fast pace. The recruiters work on 5-6 open positions from 3-4 clients every day. They schedule interviews on a daily basis with 3-5 clients. At such firms, the recruiters are paid an additional bonus if they manage to close one or two senior mandates or positions such as a senior manager or a CEO. Interestingly, you develop a friendly relation with the people you hire. These can be of immense help when you look for a change in job and seek references. 

Once you complete a year or two working in a staffing consultant firm, you can lookout for an opening in the corporate sector and bigger businesses. You would stand a better chance since you would know how to deal with vendors, work on multiple hiring requirements, handle stress and coordinate with different teams, managers and candidates at the same time. It all depends on how well you can project your skills on the resume and present yourself at the interview. Hence, if you are a beginner in recruitments and looking out for job opportunities, do not neglect an offer from a recruitment consultant firm. It could be your road to success with a lot of knowledge to accumulate during the journey.