Video Game Review: De Blob, Nintendo Wii

I have been waiting for the release of De Blob for what feels like forever. This past weekend I finally got my grubby little hands on a copy, and I could not wait to get my butt home to pop the disc into my Nintendo Wii and see what this long anticipated game had to offer.

De Blob starts off with your menus of course. You have the option to play in the Story Mode, or the Free Paint mode. The positive reviews should be checked through the person to buy level 30 lol account. Along with the positive, the feedback of the players should be checked through the players. It will play a vital role in the playing of the video games. 

I of course jumped right on in to the story, saving the free paint mode for when the game pissed me off enough to quit it for a bit, and just have some fun free painting.

De Blob starts off with a small story which is easy to grasp. Evil Inkts have taken over the communities, and drained all of the color from the city! It is up to De Blob to restore color back to the city, defeating the evil inkts.

It just seemed so deliciously childish, but me having grown up on vivid colorful games was more than happy to restore the color back to the land, and crown myself a winner!

At first everything was simple and gradually as I was introduced to new worlds things got harder and harder, and seeing how the controls to De Blob sometimes have a mind of their own things can get touch, especially when you have a time limit.

You control De Blob using the nun chuck, and you make him jump by using the wii mote. Everything works pretty flawlessly except for when you are trying to maneuver De Blob (which is a ball of paint goo) up city buildings. Seeing how he sticks to walls, getting him to jump when you want him to jump sometimes results in him flying a few blocks away, thus ruining your chances at beating a challenge within the world you are in.

Mainly each city you have to ‘color in’ has a set amount of time, and time is ticking. At first I though I was going to hate the count down, but as you complete challenges or paint buildings sometimes you will release a clock which will give you an extra 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or 180 seconds. Before you know it, you have acquired around 20 minutes of time, leaving you more than enough time to complete the world you are in.

Ready, Set…


De Blob is all about painting the city, and it is a hell of a lot of fun doing. When you finish painting an entire block of buildings, a bunch of little dull white colored creatures will fall from the city’s windows or out doors. If you roll over them and paint them they will give you a clock adding more time to your count down.

Paint is located throughout the entire world in either blue, red, or yellow. It is up to you to mix these colors in order to create other colors. Although this is not necessary for normal roaming and painting outside of a challenge, sometimes you will need certain colors to finish challenges.

Within each world, De Blob will encounter quite a few challenges that you will want to complete for extra time, and points. Some of the challenges are difficult, and others can be done in less than 30 seconds.

All in all though you are allowed to basically pick back up and start where you left off if you fail to finish a challenge within the allowed time frame. Harder challenges though in further boards will make you start all over again. Mostly though challenges are pretty easy, and if you fail you will finish them in another try or two. Seeing how the game is so fun though, you won’t mind if you have to start all over again.

As you progress on, boards will add new twists that are supposed to make completing the level difficult. Enemies will be added to try and drain De Blob of his color. You see De Blob has enough capacity within him to add 100 paint points. Accidentally being hit by an Inkt, will drain him of his paint points.

These enemies though are easy to kill. A quick tap of the nun-chucks Z button, and a swift motion of the wrist using the wii mote, and De Blob will splatter them dead.

Other things to look out for are black patches of goo. If De Blob lands into any of these black patches by accident you will have to steer him quickly to the nearest water pond, or erupted fire hydrant. Landing in the black ooze will drain him of paint points, however if his paint points drain to zero, he dies, and you must start over. Dying though is rather difficult seeing how water ponds, and hydrants are usually nearby the ooze spills.

Other than those 2 things though, there is no many huge and difficult challenges presented in the game. Younger gamers may have a difficult time near the end of the game, but all in all you can roll through the game in about 9 or 10 hours.

Re-play Value:

De Blob does have re-play value, because after each level you beat you will be given a score, and a medal. That medal can be either bronze, silver, or gold. If you finish a world with just a bronze medal, you will want to go back to re-play the level to try and get a better medal and score. The higher the score the more unlockable will be available.


Okay, the music in the game is pretty neat, and may be a little familiar to some of you. A new tune is unlocked with each level you beat. All of the tunes sound like the background music that would be played in an old Ren  amp; Stimpy cartoon. I being a fan of the old school cartoon noticed the similarities immediately, and hey…it was cool by me.


Although I enjoyed rolling my way through the levels and painting the town, the game does in fact get a little repetitive. You paint, paint some more. Mix colors, complete challenges, and that is pretty much it. It is a LOT of fun, don’t get me wrong. Over time though things do get a little boring, especially seeing that the game lacks harder challenges.

The jump action that is performed by flipping the wii mote up is a little glitchy. Wait… it’s a lot glitchy, and really began to annoy me the longer I played.

The camera controls are also screwy. You can maneuver the cameras angle by using the wii motes D Pad, but it does not work quite the way you would expect it to.


Issues aside, De Blob is a pretty enjoyable game. Painting towns and restoring color back to drab gray cities was fun. Although a little repetitive, it was still worth the $49.99 I paid for it, and it is a game that I totally would pick back up every now and then.

It’s a game kids will love, and adults will enjoy as well. Usually when a game fails to 100% impress me I would recommend a rent. De Blob though; seeing that it has such high replay value, I’d recommend you purchase it.

Common Bitcoin Trading Mistakes

There are tons of factors that you need to keep in your mind as you start with bitcoin trading. The Bitcoin Blueprint SCAM software is one such software that you can try that will offer you the very best tips and recommendations as you start with bitcoin trading.

Besides that, here are some of the most common mistakes that amateur traders make as they start with bitcoin trading.

  1. The first and the most important thing that you need to keep in your mind as you start with bitcoin trading is how you can place your order properly and effectively. Since there is high volatility with the price of bitcoins it is really important that you pay attention to your marketing strategy.
  2. Secondly, you should keep your mind completely focused as you bitcoin trading can be quite complex as there are a lot of factors that you need to keep in mind once you start with bitcoin trading. So if you are not fully committed with it there is no need for you to start with the bitcoin trading.
  3. Another really common mistake that amateur traders make is that they think that the price of bitcoins is going to rise eventually over time which is why they end up losing their money. These are several cryptocurrencies that are completely off the grid these days considering the fact that they are no longer used by anyone for trading. This is why it is really important that you pay attention to this process.
  4. In order to make a significant profit in bitcoins, it is really important that you pay attention to the trading process and invest a lot of your time. You can use bitcoin bot for the trading process and over time you can switch to manual trading once you have enough experience and skills.
  5. Lastly, it is really important that you devise a plan as you start with bitcoin trading. Although it is better that you stick with tested methods but with experience, you can use different strategies according to your trading style.

These are the top 5 common mistakes that new traders make as they start with bitcoin trading.

How To Buy Bitcoins Legally?

Despite the huge popularity of bitcoins, not everyone is familiar with the process of buying bitcoins legally. Besides that, there are several other applications such as the Bitcoin revolution that are really popular among people that are into bitcoin trading. You can find more about that on by clicking on bitcoin revolution review – scam or legit? 

Coming back to the process of buying bitcoins legally, here are a few simple things that you need to keep in mind. 

  1. The first step is to get an online wallet that you will be using to store or trade your bitcoins as you buy them. For this, there are several online service providers and platforms that you can try. With the help of your private key, you will be able to maintain your online wallet and keep your bitcoins secure from different cyber threats.
    The thing that you should be keeping in mind is that you should never keep your bitcoin in your online wallet for a long period of time. For that, you can try the different storage options that are more secure. 
  2. Once you are ready with your online wallet, you can visit your state authorities and get your personal information verified from them. Here, you will need identification documents such as your driving license and your social security number. 
  3.  A secure internet connection is also important as you are dealing online. With the help of a secure internet connection, you will be able to handle your online wallet more effectively. Moreover, it is strongly recommended that you never use public wifi or open connection while handling your online wallets.
  4. Now that are you ready to buy bitcoin you can use your bank account, credit card, or your debit card in order to buy bitcoins with the help of these different payment options. It is recommended that you use a credit card in order to do these transactions as you get much better security and features with your credit card. 

These are the things that you need to follow in order to start with bitcoin trading.

How To Make Honest Money At Home Assembling Disciples Crosses

There are countless programs on the internet promising to make you rich. The only problem is it normally works the other way around and you end up making them rich. The work at home programs are normally the most notorious. So when I first came across the disciples cross website I was more than a little bit skeptical. After some thorough research I decided to buy their starter kit. Two years have gone by and it was the best investment I have ever made.

Disciples cross was founded by John Raymond in the early 90s. John is a pastor of new horizon Christian Fellowship in Slidell, Louisiana. John had been assembling these handmade crosses for years when he made an appearance on the TV show Survivor: Thailand. While on the show John wore his disciples cross necklace and it became wildly popular. Ever since then the demand for his necklaces has been so strong he needed assistance.

Through John’s website you can order all the supplies you need to make the handmade crosses. The great thing about his business model is that you can sell them back to him or on your own. The starter kit can be bought for $69.95. This kit includes an instructional DVD that shows you step-by-step how to assemble the disciples cross. It also includes enough material to assemble 25 crosses. And after you assemble eight units the $69.95 is refunded to you. The buyback program is limited to 400 crosses per person, per week. Currently they pay to 2.25 per cross. This breaks down to $1.00 for material reimbursement and $1.25 for labor. If you decide to use the buyback program your crosses must undergo a thorough quality inspection. From my experience they are a little bit picky but I have sold hundreds of crosses back to them.

The key to making lots of money with this program is selling them for $5.00 apiece locally. My first 25 crosses were sold to friends for $5.00 apiece. I prefer to sell them on my own to consignment shops, bookstores, churches and flea markets .There is also a 30 day money back guarantee in case you’re not happy with the program.

As far as assembling goes I use three tools. I use one pair of longneck pliers, one pair of 10 inch curved jaw locking pliers and a pair of wire cutters. Most of these tools can be bought right off the website. I buy my acrylic coating off A great resource that includes many helpful tips on assembly is There is also an affiliate program, but I am not very savvy with marketing. Overall this program works, but you have to be willing to work hard and make the crosses correctly.

Card Verification Value (CVV) is of extreme importance as it is a unique 3-digit number which helps you distinguish your own card from others so take care to change it at regular intervals for security reasons and buy cvv online to avoid the hassles of visiting a bank and as it is quite time consuming.

Four Reasons Why You Should Not Hire a Friend or Relative

Whether you are in a human resources or management position or you own your own business, at some point a friend or family member may come to you seeking employment. Before making the decision to hire this person, it is important to note and consider a few of the disadvantages that will come along with hiring him or her:

Automatic Expectations of Favoritism and Nepotism

Despite the fact that you have informed your friend or family member of company policies and no matter how many times this person tells you to treat him or her like any other employee, an automatic expectation of favoritism is absolutely guaranteed. Regardless of promises made, in the back of this person’s mind, he or she is thinking that this is a pretty sweet gig and that they are likely to get away with much more than fellow employees. Whether it be pay rate, scheduling, or following strict guidelines, this person will believe that you will put their needs ahead of those of other employees. In order to meet the expectations, the hr manager should try payboy services in the business. There will be automatic completion of the guidelines and expectations through the hiring of payboy. 


You will very likely encounter situations in which your friend or family member will use your knowledge of his or her personal circumstances in order to get ahead of others, such as asking for all of the overtime hours because you know how rough things have been lately.

Getting Too Personal

If your friend or family member enjoys chatting with co-workers, your name is bound to come up in conversation eventually. Employees may even attempt to learn more about your personal life by digging for information through your unknowing friend or relative.

Negative Changes in Your Relationship

As all adults are already aware, disagreements happen – and unfortunately, all of the promises in the world simply can not prevent this from happening. Disagreements at work will negatively affect your relationship with this person, and may even affect your relationships with mutual friends or family members via word of mouth. Imagine how uncomfortable and absolutely obnoxious it would be for a mutual friend or family member to confront you about your professional responsibilities and decision-making skills.

All in all, hiring a friend or family member is just not a good idea. Problems such as disagreements will quickly arise, affecting your relationships and reflecting poorly on you as a professional.

So the next time you find yourself in a situation in which a friend or family member turns to you in need of employment, politely explain that it is against company policy to hire a family member or personal acquaintance – whether or not it actually is, as a small white lie is quite understandable in this situation.

Instead of offering employment, volunteer to write a letter of recommendation or to be a personal reference in order to help this person in their current job hunt. But whatever you do, do not hire him or her!

Which Do I Choose: Tablet Or Laptop?

A few months ago I purchased my first tablet computer after many years of using laptop computers. During this short time, I have noticed some notable differences between the two. I will discuss my own observations between the two as regards price and portability, connectivity, and usage.

Price and Portability

The tablet computer I have is a Google Android clone I purchased off e-Bay. Price was a major factor in my decision to get a tablet. With shipping, it came to under $100, versus a $300+ price tag on the mini-laptop I use.

The only drawback about getting a tablet clone was that there were some Chinese apps I had to uninstall. This was easily enough done, but was a minor irritation.

I prefer the tablet for its portability over the mini-laptop. I can easily carry the tablet in one hand. I have a nice case for it as well, and, if my pockets are deep enough, can slip it in a pocket. The mini-laptop is considerably bulkier, and is more suited to usage on my desk rather than, for instance, quickly checking email on the tablet.


Both my tablet and my mini-laptop are geared for wi-fi access. The tablet has additional options for 3G connectivity, if I were to purchase it.

I have noticed in locations where I have both the tablet and the mini-laptop connected wirelessly, the tablet computer at times will disconnect unexpectedly. I am not sure whether it is a connectivity issue or if the tablet disconnects when the screen times out. Those times when the tablet disconnects, the mini-laptop is still connected.


There are some applications that are simply easier to use on the mini-laptop versus the tablet. I prefer composing papers on the mini-laptop. I use a free program for word processing on my mini-laptop. I have not yet found a comparable one for the tablet. Since Amazon has gotten on the bandwagon with free downloadable Android apps, this situation may soon change.

One of the things that intrigues me the most about my tablet is the touch screen. It is great for turning pages in e-books, playing solitaire, checking email, taking pictures and simple web browsing. I find I prefer the free dolphin browser to the one prepackaged with the tablet. Dolphin reminds me of the Firefox browser, although perhaps not as robust. The calendar on the tablet is another function I use frequently. I like the alarm function to tell me when I have appointments.

I also like the Kindle Reader for Android. It seamlessly allows me to download ebooks from my Kindle to my tablet. This was my main reason for getting the tablet, as my Kindle began developing lines across the screen after I dropped it.

Overall, when choosing between tablet or laptop, it is also important that you visit the website of the brand that you consider buying. Their websites will provide you with the right information that you need. This includes the features, specifications and the current price of the product in the market.

Dumpster Diving: The Bountiful Harvest

Ask a friend to go dumpster diving with you. Maybe they’ve already been but to most people climbing into a dumpster is an alien idea. There exist a subculture of people who scrounge all sorts of items-food, clothes, appliances, books, building materials, furniture, bicycles, recyclables like metal, plastic, paper, grease for fuel, on and on. And why not, never before has so much been thrown away. Imagine what people a hundred years ago would think if they could rummage through our dumps. They’d think they stepped into a land of alien treasures with exotic metals, plastics, electronics.

Most people enter the world of dumpster diving by looking for cardboard boxes for moving. different dumpster divers look for different things. Freegans go looking for food. Urban lumberjacks go looking for boards. Scrapers go looking for scrap metal. Personally I’m not into scrounging food from a dumpster because although it may be edible it could also have been thrown out for a good reason. Who am I to judge. I’ve helped people harvest food from a dumpster.

Once I got hooked on dumpster diving I’d peak in every dumpster around town to see what I could find. A note of caution don’t ever try to get in a compactor dumpster. DON’T EVEN LOOK IN A COMPACTOR, you may be tempted to go in after something and get crushed. Grocery stores of course have food in their dumpsters in abundance. Retail dumpsters are a personal favorite especially around the holidays or if the store is remodeling or going out of business. Somethings that can be found in retail dumpsters are toys, clothes, furniture, appliances, jewelry, displays, clothes racks, candy, cardboard, and scrap metal. If you see a dumpster outside a college dorm around the end of the school year here lies a gold mine of perfectly good mini refrigerators, dvd players, Cd’s, computers, books, can goods, clothes, toys, on and on. According to dumpster rental Lakeland, FL, the items and things that you can find in the dumpster depends on where that dumpster is located. If you want to see more food items, then go to the dumpsters of supermarket, restaurant and grocery stores. But if you want some devices or electronics, go to the dumpster of retail appliances, furniture etc.

Construction dumpsters have provided the bulk of materials I’ve scrounged. I regularly price comparable items at the local hardware stores to see what I’d be spending. Here’s a rough breakdown on the materials I’ve scrounged in the past year and a half – insulation-$10,000, Boards 2×4’s up to 2×14’s-$15,000, windows, single and double paned-$20,000, tile-$3,000, roof tin-$1,000, cement-$300, osb board-$2,000 plus other hard to price items like house rap, PVC, canvas wall paper, granite, marble, on and on. The scrap metal I cash in at the scrap yard comes to two to three thousand dollars a year.

As a rule of thumb the larger the construction project the more that gets thrown away and the larger the pieces that get thrown away. For example if you go scrounging around a house construction site you might find a small pile of board ends but if you go to where dozens of carpenters are building say dozens of assisted living homes you can expect to find long boards in their dumpster in abundance.

Large metal buildings are a great place to look for large amounts of insulation as well as tin and scrap metal. Keep an eye on factories, drug stores, church or school gyms being built or remodeled. Watch for when the insulation goes in because they’ll roll out sheets of insulation 6′ to 10′ wide and a hundred feet long. Usually 5′ to 20′ will be cut off the ends of these rolls and thrown out. You can haul off truck loads of insulation. I can get $300 worth in a truck load. I’ve insulated about 10 homes and mountain huts with free insulation, it’s one of the greatest and most abundant things to be scrounged.

Usually it’s best to ask permission before you climb into a construction Dumpster especially if the dumpster is inside a fence that says no trespassing. The person to ask is in the trailer, most construction sites have one, here’s the bosses office. All she can do is say no but she could send you to jail. Talking to the boss and other workers is a good idea because a lot of times they will set items aside for you like windows that would get broke if tossed into a dumpster. Don’t bother people while they are working that’s annoying, be nice if they approach you. Clean up around the dumpster this earns points with the construction crew. Keep an eye out for bulldozers dumping loads in the dumpster. You don’t want to be head down in a dumpster when a load of bricks and boards comes tumbling in. Stay out of the way if the boss want you to come after 5:00 PM respect his wishes.

Things you’ll need for dumpster diving

A truck is necessary if your into scrounging construction materials. Have clothes you don’t mind getting dirty or keep a pair of coveralls and old shoes in your truck. Keep a pair of gloves and mask to protect hands and lungs. Don’t be caught without some basic tools that could make the difference between scrounging a material or not. At least have a hammer, a crow bar, and some wire cutters for prying boards apart and cutting copper wire that’s partly trapped. Have a magnet or two because any metal that isn’t magnetic is automatically worth more.

Dumpsters aren’t the only place to score an abundance of materials, rummaging through the rubble pile of a demolished building can be very fruitful. They don’t make em like they use to is very true. The quality of old boards can be outstanding. A large amount of copper wire can be scrounged from a demolished house or building adding up to a good chunk of change when the market is right. Three dollars a pound is pretty right for copper. Grab any aluminum you can when in doubt test with magnet. It don’t take long to judge metal by sight.

With scrounged materials you can build a higher quality, better insulated structure than building to code because you don’t have to save on cost. The scrap metal you find while harvesting these free construction materials will more than pay for the gas you buy while scrounging in fact it’s a significant chunk of my income. All this means a more energy efficient home with no mortgage. Happy dumpster diving.

Using Microsites to Attract More Visitors to Your Website

A microsite is a method of attracting more visitors to your website by means of using individual web pages, and typically new domain names that are separate from the main website. Also commonly referred to as a minisite, a microsite is usually an individual web page, but it can also be a small grouping of pages that are meant to function as an extension of the main website. The content of a microsite typically focuses on specific information that might be more detailed than what is found on the main website, and is meant to draw visitors to the main website or to follow a call to action.

Depending upon the company utilizing microsites, the minisite include editorial or commercial content that doesn’t necessarily fit in with the content of the main website, such as seasonal information or holiday sales, or specific information regarding an upcoming event. Microsites might also contain more detailed descriptions of a particular product and any related editorial content. This saves the main website from being cluttered with too much information, which can at times cause visitors to become disinterested or annoyed and click away.

The effectiveness of a microsite is based on its keyword rich information, which is meant to attract visitors who might be searching for that particular targeted search term or keyword, which might not be used often on the main website. By utilizing strong SEO content, these microsites are designed to rank high on search engine results for those particular search terms, (whereas the main website might rank lower due to its broader content). This, in turn, will then lead visitors to the main site, serving to increase a company’s online visibility and gain a larger customer base.

An Example of How Microsites Work

Suppose you are a company involved in machining, selling parts to various industries. Your main website might contain lots of broad information regarding the various industries, one of which includes the windmill industry. Potential customers or clients searching for things relative to windmills might not find you site if they are searching specifically for windmill machine parts, because of all the other content on your site.

So you might set up a 1-page microsite about the windmill industry, and include a few paragraphs of content filled with related keywords. The website might be called, and would attract visitors that might not have necessarily been using search terms that would lead them to your website, but will be drawn there through links on the microsite. Essentially, it’s about using more than one type of bait to catch more fish. The visitors should have the information about all stickers available at the site. The catching of the fishes with the reading of the articles will be easy for the person. 

Once the goal of a microsite has been determined, and the unique content has been written, microsites are generally quick to produce, and also inexpensive.

Avoid Bankruptcy — Financial Advice Every Parent Should Give Their Child by Age 13

Find Your Motivation — Whatever It Is

Remember the scene in the movie “Blow,” where Johnny Depp’s boyhood character attends bankruptcy court with his father, then the voice-over says something like “I decided right then and there that/that would never be me?” While I wholeheartedly disagree with the path the main character eventually took, I do identify personally with that line. I made the same promise to myself at the age of ten when I saw my parents file for bankruptcy and divorce in the same year. In a nutshell, I got scared of failure, worked hard, attended college and law school, graduated with tons of debt, started a law firm in 2001, worked my way out of debt, and in the meantime learned a lot from the hundreds of folks who were my bankruptcy and business clients. Perhaps the most important thing they taught me was this: while it is important to help good people with their problems, it is equally important that they not become repeat clients. I learned from them, and now I hope you can too.

What follows are five (not-easy-to-master) patterns of behavior that if followed, or avoided, will help keep you out of bankruptcy court. The advice of the san diego bankruptcy lawyer will be beneficial for the person. The case in the court will be provided effectively through the lawyers. The following things will be helpful in avoiding the mistakes. 

  1. If you do not have a strategy, you are merely part of someone else’s. Someone told me this in about ninth grade and it really stuck with me. It has proven true time and time again in my experience. The earlier you begin to control your destiny (whether through formal education, apprenticing at your mother’s company, or practicing harder and better than everybody at your chosen sport), the better equipped you are to assess your strengths, weaknesses, and goals as early as possible. Parents, if you are reading this, please help your children explore and develop their strategy as early as you feel appropriate. It may save them a visit to my office one day. Most people I interview “fall” into some line of work, then feel pigeon-holed or controlled by someone for the rest of their lives. Don’t let this happen to you. The light at the end of the tunnel is this: when you truly like what you do, it doesn’t feel like work at all. Success — whether or not monetary — will follow. Developing your personal strategy is the cornerstone to your own freedom and success.
  2. Always, always, always maintain your medical insurance. Nearly all of the bankruptcies I have filed for clients included some sort of medical debt; too often and sadly for elderly clients on a fixed income. One fact that constantly haunts me is that most of us are only one minor surgery away from personal, catastrophic, financial failure. Therefore, in my opinion, top-of-the-line medical insurance should be as high a priority to any person as their rent/mortgage payment. You’ll know the right insurance policy for you when you see it. The internet makes it too easy not to research every aspect of your medical insurance, so there are no excuses. Finally, try your best to maintain adequate savings to pay for medical insurance for several months — as a bridge — if you fall on hard times.
  3. Avoid student loans if at all possible. I recognize this is a lot easier said than done. I attended college and law school, in part, through student loans. In fact, as recently as five years ago I rarely gave this advice to clients. However, more and more friends and potential clients seek my advice on getting out of student loan debt. The surprise comes when I advise them “almost never does the bankruptcy court allow you to discharge/extinguish student loan debts. There are cases, but they are few and far between.” As a solution, be very creative. Consider all of your options: a generous relative; loans from your parents or friends that you work and pay off during winter and summer breaks; work/study programs. (As a side note, be very careful about the “college” or “program” you attend. Do not succumb to high-pressure sales tactics designed to enroll you. A recent phenomenon is the person strapped with massive student loan debt from a school that provided worthless education/training and, thus, a worthless diploma and non-existent job opportunities. These schools have been popping up all over during the last ten years, and they are a great disservice to our young people. When in doubt, do tons of research, or if you are lacking college prerequisites get your start at a reputable junior college.) If you are currently suffering high student loan debts, get on the horn and start talking to loan consolidation companies. I used a company called Great Lakes (don’t know if they are still in business or not). If you anticipate borrowing, only borrow what you absolutely need. Student loans should not be seen as a source of fun money (so often justified as “for living expenses”). Student loans used for fun are a speeding train headed downhill with no brakes. The end of the line is a bankruptcy attorney’s office — and the subsequent bad news that he/she more than likely cannot do anything for you.
  4. Do not have a credit card with a limit over $1000 until you are working full-time in an area consistent with your chosen career path. Enough said. Ten years ago, this would have been number two on the list. More and more, potential clients today present medical and student-loan debts, so this tip falls to number four. Nevertheless, it is still very important. Sticking to this would have saved me a lot of sleepless nights early in my career.
  5. The world so often is about “who you know.” No matter your age or career-stage, if you have finally set your mind to a particular career path, do everything you can to meet and work alongside those who are the best at it. This can take many forms: a volunteer position; “shadowing” someone for a day or longer; attending a meet-and-greet or public speaking engagement held by your future mentor; an internship; a work/study program; part-time employment; full-time employment; and so on. Be very creative. Successful people I have met through the years often got their start working for people whose positions they aspired to (e.g., we’ve all heard about the CEO who started in the mailroom). Believe me, they are out there — they tend to be humble so you rarely know them when you meet them. Also, relatives, close friends, in-laws, or family connections are another great way to get a start. I have seen many highly qualified professionals with the best credentials passed up for a well-liked friend or friend-of-a-friend. If you chose to work for or with someone (as opposed to self-employment), the best position is as the highly qualified, trusted friend and partner/employee.


Since 2001 I have been fortunate to work in other areas of law: trial work, corporate law, even medical malpractice. Some of the most fulfilling moments of my career, however, have come from helping the underdog — the financially-strapped client — get his/her financial life back on track. Still I hear “thanks for the tough talk and plan, it wasn’t easy, but I should have done it the hard way from the beginning.” I always respond . . . “pass it on.”

Do it Yourself: Groom Your Scottish Terrier at Home

The Scottish Terrier has two coats: a long and wiry outer coat that protects the dog from water, and a soft undercoat. To keep your Scottish Terrier looking his or her best, full grooming should be done every six to eight weeks. But rather than shelling out your hard earned money to the local groomer, use these easy steps to groom your Scottish Terrier yourself at home without too much of a hassle.

Starting out, it is absolutely essential that you have the proper grooming tools. Show dogs are “hand stripped” (meaning their fur is pulled out instead of cut) for grooming purposes, but this is not necessary for your at-home companion. If there’s a hedgehog tick removal services, surely there are also services for your Scottish teriier. You just have to find the best service provider and also conduct some good research regarding DIY if you want to save some money. 

Before you clip or bathe, start by brushing with a slicker brush. A slicker brush is a flat brush with bent pins that help pull out dead fur. Brush in the same direction as the fur growth (head to tail). Slicker brushes are sold at just about any pet supply store. I would recommend Groomax Slicker Brushes with soft grip handles. These can be found at To comb out any matting or to smooth out the beard, a wide-toothed comb is best.

If you want to bathe your Scottie, now is the time to do it. Scottish Terrier’s tend to have sensitive or dry skin so a shampoo for itchy skin may be in your Scottie’s best interest. Unleash Pure Joy Itch-Relief Shampoo is sold at Petsmart for $12.99 a bottle. Lather and rinse thoroughly, followed by a quick towel dry. Next, finish the drying process with a blow dryer while brushing against the grain. When the fur is almost dry, switch the brushing direction.

Okay, now you are finally ready to start clipping. Start with a quality clippers made specifically for trimming dogs. Depending on what you are willing to pay, there are a variety of products on the market that will meet your needs. Your standard Conair Dog Clippers will work or you can go for the more expensive Andis Pro Dog Clipper Kit (at $88.99).

Always clip in the same direction that the fur is growing. Starting at two centimeters behind the eyebrows, shave until the back of the neck. Also shave between the eyebrows. You don’t want your Scottie to have a uni-brow do you? Then clip again starting under the chin and going to the chest. Shave the inside and outside of the ears, but make sure to leave the fringes of fur called the tufts. Use a number seven blade to clip the fur from the behind the ears all the way to the tail in a series of short strokes. The tail and the lower part of the sides should be cut with scissors rather than with clippers. Make sure to leave hair at the front of the tail and to just trim around the back. You don’t want your dog to look like it has a rat’s tail. The insides of the thighs as well as the stomach can be clipped using a number ten clipper. Round out the shape of the feet and finish with a nail trim.

To trim your Scottie’s nails, use clippers made specifically for dogs. Cut only the extra nail “hook.” If you accidently cut too far into the nail, bleeding may occur. Bleeding can be stopped quickly with Styptic Power ($5.99 at Petsmart).

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