Oscar Night Brings an End to Uneven Year at the Movies

Tonight, the 2008 movie season will officially come to a close in 2009, with the Oscars. Oscar night is the final victory lap for the most honored films of the year, and a final chance for other 2008 movies to be made immortal. Oscar night is always highly anticipated, but the actual Oscars themselves may be anticlimactic to many. After a movie year that was all over the place in quality, and constantly compared negatively to last year, Oscar night may be a fittingly underwhelming end to it all.

2007 was widely hailed as a great year for many big movies. No Country for Old Men, There Will Be Blood, Michael Clayton, Juno, Atonement, Sweeney Todd and many more films got passionate support all the way up to Oscar night. With 2008, only a select few movies have a real passionate fan base, and real support from audiences.

Oscars are the moment when you get to celebrate some of the best flicks of Hollywood every year that began way back in 1928 and continue to this day, with some of the best films and actors winning many of them for the cinematic masterpieces they roll out each year and get rewarded for their efforts in entertaining the audience to the best of their capability. Its only a matter of time that academy awards will be available on cyberflx apk due to its everlasting popularity among the audience.

The likely big winner on Oscar night, Slumdog Millionaire, may be the only major Oscar nominated film tonight that inspires critics and audiences, at level to the level of last year’s films. But since it is the heavy favorite, backlash has already begun against Slumdog Millionaire, which may knock its standing down a peg even after its Oscar victories.

Another reason Slumdog Millionaire may win is because the rest of the Best Picture field doesn’t inspire much competition. Benjamin Button and Frost/Nixon had many admirers, but few who fell in love with it. Milk came out at just the right time, but may have peaked now that Obama and Prop 8 mania are dying down. The Reader is a popular upset pick because of Harvey Weinstein’s marketing, not because of the film itself.

The Oscar night may be remembered negatively in future years for not honoring the most remembered film of the year. The Dark Knight made a real push towards an historic Best Picture nomination and was favored to get it, until being overtaken by The Reader. Wall-E also got some backing for a Best Picture nod, but will settle for Best Animated Film.

This movie year may not be best remembered for many movies themselves. In fact, it seems that more blockbusters like The Dark Knight and Iron Man lived up to the hype, while Oscar contenders largely disappointed. But many acting performances helped to salvage 2008 at the movies.

Sean Penn, Mickey Rourke, Heath Ledger, Winslet, Meryl Streep, Josh Brolin, Robert Downey Jr, Penelope Cruz, Frank Langella and many more made 2008 shine with their work. Richard Jenkins, Melissa Leo, Viola Davis, Michael Shannon, Taraji P. Henson and many other character actors made big breakthroughs this year.

But the narrative of the 2008 movie year isn’t over yet, as Oscar night brings it to a long-awaited climax. Penn, Streep and Ledger stand to make history, while Rourke and Winslet could bring a crowd-pleasing ending to this year at the movies with Oscar wins.