Numerology Life Path – How is the path useful?

Numerology Life Path Finding Numerology Life Path Numbers and Readings Online Determining the numerology life path number is the first step in learning about your numerology life path reading. At, you can find a method for determining your life path number. Basically, you add all the numbers of your date of birth to come up with a master number. January, being the first month, is assigned the number 1. For the date, you either use the number (if it’s less than 9) or add the two digits together to reduce them to a number between 1 and 9.

For example, if your birth date was 17, you add the one and the seven for a master number of 8. You do the same for your birth year, remembering to use all four digits. For more complete information about calculating your numerology life path number, check out the Astrology Numerology website. You’ll find that there are many online sites that offer free numerology life path readings. Some offer very brief readings while others include significant information. At Affinity Numerology ( you’ll find a very detailed reading. All you do is enter your name to get an immediate numerology life path reading.

The information includes details about your physical personality, your spiritual self, and your ultimate life goals (those accomplishments that will help you find happiness). The numerology life path readings from this site also include destiny information for the coming year, next year, and (just for the sake of comparison) last year. So what does your numerology life path number mean? Usually there are several positive and negative words associated with specific life path numbers. For example, if your life path number is “1” positive words you are associated with include determination, courage and leadership. The negative word list associated with life path number “1” includes dominant, self-centered and bossy.

Similarly, words for life path number “3” are: artistic, joyful and creative, but also lazy, critical and moody. The numerology life path number is more important than the birth date number, which should be considered less important. A website dedicated to numerology life path information is located at The Life Path Numerology Center website is easy to navigate and the information provided includes a variety of topics related to numerology life path numbers, numerology software and news of interest to numerology enthusiasts. The selection of the right path will provide more knowledge on the simply buzzes topic. The information about is provided to the people for have the success in the path. The Internet will assist the people to select the right path and angel number for the numerology.