MyLot Unveils Get-Paid Social Networking Site

MyLot is a social networking site with more than 180,800 members. Members hail from all over the globe but the majority of them are from the United States. The MyLot headquarters are in Overland Park Kansas USA. MyLot has been up and running for 4 years now. Members are welcome from all over the world but currently the site is only available in the English language.

On MyLot members are paid to post discussions, respond to discussions and add pictures. On MyLot you can get paid for writing just three lines as long as you follow the discussion guidelines which are pretty clear and simple. Members can ask questions about anything they want as long as the same question has not already been asked in the past. However, to really make money off of the posting and the pictures you would have to be on MyLot all day and honestly you would make more money just getting a regular job. On average, most members make $10 dollars a month. There are also blogs on MyLot and anyone can have a blog and subscribe to another member’s blog. Have you ever seen a quiz that you wanted to take but you just didn’t get a chance and then you couldn’t find it again? Now you can take every quiz you ever dreamed of as MyLot has a special quiz section containing hundreds of quizzes for all you quiz lovers.

All members are encouraged to participate in the posting and responding to discussions and likewise all members are asked not to criticize or make fun of other people’s spelling and grammar.

The task and reward program on MyLot is a great new feature; members can post tasks and offer a monetary reward for other MyLot members to complete. These tasks primarily include writing specific articles or articles based on certain keywords, signing up to different websites, posting adds, keyword searches, and writing reviews. So far rewards for the tasks have ranged from .01 to $5.00 USD. There is also the referral program: each member that refers some one to MyLot and the referral joins through that member’s personal link the member who referred the person will be paid 25% 0f their referral’s discussion earnings. All payments from MyLot participation are made through paypal.

New discussions and questions are started by choosing an interest or starting a discussion under the “general” category. Discussions that are opened under specific interests have a better chance of getting replies and comments. Each member can pick the interests that they want to be included in, in this way they will be able to interact with people who share the same interests.

All members must be at least 16 years of age to become a MyLot member. There are two settings on MyLot; one where vulgar and profanity is included and one where it is not included, so that members who don’t want to participate in discussions that use vulgar and profanity can still participate.

Every member has their own profile page where they can have music players, photos, links to their websites and blogs, and they can send and receive messages and comments to and from their friends. Each member also has his or her own home page with updates of their friend’s activities. They are like using where they are given the opportunity to see private profiles.