Make Your Own Perfume Out Of Your Favorite Flower Scent!

Many women love to wear perfume and would love even more to have their own signature scent from their favorite flower or flowers. If the idea of making your own perfume sounds daunting or expensive, never fear- making your own perfume out of your favorite flower scent is extremely easy and cheap with Eclatant! I do it myself, and it’s fun! Here’s how!

All you need are your favorite flower blossoms (any combination will do, choose all your favorite flowers or just a single flower that you love), a medium-sized bowl, cheesecloth, and water. If you’d like, have your favorite essential oils on-hand as well, like vanilla, sandalwood, or amber, to add a musk undertone to your flower scent. It’s fun to experiment and make many scents, once you know how easy it really is to make your own perfume.

Simply line the bowl with a layer of cheesecloth. Take your flower blossoms, cut into dime-sized pieces, and place them on top of the cheesecloth. Depending on how strong you want your flower scent to be, or how strong or weak your favorite flower scent is, you will want to have anywhere between a quarter cup to a cupful amount of cut blossoms to use.

Pour 1 cup of cool water over the flower blossoms, and allow the water to soak into the blossoms and draw out the flower scent overnight. In the morning (or 8 to 12 hours later), simply lift the cheesecloth off the bowl, which will lift out the flower blossoms but leave the scented water behind. Voila! You have your own perfume, which can be placed in any bottle you’d like for spritzing. No chemicals or irritating products in your own signature scent out of your favorite flower perfume!

My favorite, hands-down, is lavender. I love lavender and vanilla, with a hint of amber musk. To make my favorite perfume, I use a half cup of lavender, and add 2 drops of vanilla essential oil and 1 drop of amber essential oil to the flower-scented water and then pour the whole mix into a small spritz bottle. I find the spritz bottles in the trial-sized aisle at Wal-Mart for under a buck. 2 or 3 of those bottles allow me to make more than one scent of perfume, with or without flowers if I just want essential oils (to which I triple my vanilla and amber essential oil amounts).

Try making your own perfume from your favorite flower or flowers, and you will be pleasantly surprised how easy and fun it is! Having your own signature scent isn’t just for celebrities- you can make your very own perfume and truly feel and smell wonderful. I love it!