Lowering Cholesterol: My Story and My Success

As a child, I loved cheese, milk, eggs, and anything else that was loaded with cholesterol. I loved bread and fatty foods and I didn’t really care for exercise. Really, deep down inside, I didn’t care for myself.

During a ritual physical with my primary physician, I had my cholesterol checked. When my mother got the results back, we realized I had a problem. Although I don’t recall the exact number, I know I was in the 200’s. I remember the follow-up appointment, staring at the pictures on the wall of the artist’s rendition of cholesterol build up in the bloodstream. Thinking about it being stuck in there right then, it made me feel sick. I was annoyed, thinking about a bunch of hard yellow stuff, wreaking havoc on my heart.

Even with the medicine they had and all the advice they gave me, I knew. I knew what I needed Lexapro weight loss program. I felt it. You see, your body knows itself. It knows what makes it feel good and run well. It often tells you when you’re treating it well. It also tells you when you’re not treating it well. Us humans make the mistake of ignoring it long enough to forget that our behavior is the problem, so we can ultimately shake our fist at God or “realize” life isn’t fair when we get a disease or find out we are dying.

So I started listening to my body again. I started watching my behavior. How was I eating? Why was I eating? Am I hungry right now? Many times I was eating just to eat. I looked to the earth. I saw that Kool-aid didn’t run in the rivers. I cut down to the water and some teas. I cut down on cheese, and eggs, and milk. I added more green vegetables. I heard grapefruit and garlic were good for lowering cholesterol. So I started consuming large amounts of both. During this journey of chasing my cholesterol down and snuffing it out, I discovered something profound. Something so simple yet so elusive in this world deeply saturated in human culture.

My cholesterol is fantastic now. My body works like a well-oiled machine. I feel great! I eat tons of eggs now, and milk, but I get it all locally from grass-fed animals that don’t receive hormones for growth. I do this because I discovered something along the road to lower cholesterol.

Here’s the thing, My opinion is, that most dysfunctions, diseases, and abnormal levels of this or that in your body are not the result of a problem with the human being or nature. It is a problem with culture. I didn’t fix my cholesterol so much that I fixed my perception of what was good for my body. We have strayed so far from nature to a very strange place, where people are constantly dying from a million and one diseases. Where most things are wrapped in plastic and have a week’s worth of sodium in one serving. The solution for 99% of illnesses is simple. Go back to the earth for advice. Watch what it does, how it conducts itself, and take what it supplies. Breath deep and expand your awareness. I went back to my origins, my lowered cholesterol was just a side effect.

Whether you believe In the various religions or in a scientific view of history, there is a common understanding of all history. We did fine for thousands (or millions) of years letting the earth nurture us. It has only been in our recent decisions as a civilization that we have begun to endure copious amounts of self-inflicted pain. Think about what we changed, and annex it from your life.

Here’s some quick tips that can help you see results quickly. All these tips have been found to have a direct correlation to lowered cholesterol. Please take this information as an adjunct to a total lifestyle change. State of mine and routine behavior go hand in hand with personal growth.

  1. Get more fiber
  2. Limit your alcohol intake
  3. Eat heart-healthy fish like tuna and cod
  4. Watch out for unclean fats. Instead, go for various nuts like almonds and walnuts.
  5. Increase water intake
  6. Read the labels on your foods. Know what you should be taking in and keep your consumption below that range.
  7. More fruits and vegetables
  8. Exercise
  9. No more smoking