League of Legends- A Worthy Game But At A Cost

Whenever any new game comes out in the market, its popularity and standing depends on the fact that whether it will capture the hearts of youngsters, who are basically the target audience of all online games. 

It forms the core basis of entertainment, apart from movies and sports, as it has the knack of guessing the pulse of the audience for a sustained period of time and that is why it has held its own despite getting fierce competition from sports such as football, baseball, basketball, etc. and films of various, diverse genres. 

Online video games combined a mixture of both the mediums and the result was there when people all around the world embraced it with open arms and took to it like fish to water. 

One of the many games that instantly comes to mind is the league of legends, which has proven to be the darling of the masses, not only today’s youth but also of the bygone era of the 90s, whose generation continues to swear by it. 

Is It Free? 

The popularity of lol can be gauged by the fact that gamers worldwide are ready to pay to pay hefty amounts as business has proven to be quite lucrative for them. Today, the video game industry is in a league of its own and whose worth gets bigger and bigger with each passing day. 

Therefore, league of legends is very much free to play on PC and ps4, which does not mean that it is free of cost, given the $2 billion revenue it generated last year, which was a huge leap from the previous years’ performances. 

The core game is for free and if you include league elo boost, there are only optional chares for premium, with little compromise on the content. So, league of legends is very much worth a try as it is quite relatable to one and all.