Instagram – What is It, How to Use It, and Why It’s Such a Big Deal

Do you ever feel like each time you’re caught up on all the latest and greatest there’s suddenly a whole new list of things you know nothing about? Well, I’m here to give you the scoop on some of the great new apps and programs that you may be interested in.

Instagram is an iPhone app that allows you to upload, edit and share photos with your friends. Imagine a Facebook where you only share photos and you pretty much get the idea. If you want to buy instagram views you can click here. On Instagram, with views, you can easily increase your popularity which is your first step on getting on Instagram.

You establish your Instagram account by tying it with your Facebook account, and then you can easily see which of your Facebook friends are also on Instagram. You can follow their photos in your News Feed and even “like” their photos and leave comments.

Uploading photos from your iPhone into Instagram is a breeze, and the photo editing system is particularly great for a free app. Simply scroll and tap to select the photo editing effect you would like, and you instantly have an artistic, unique edited photo with no effort on your part. Totally easy and completely fabulous!

Instagram has a great privacy option that allows your account and photos to only be viewed by your approved followers if you wish; so you don’t have to worry about your photos being viewed by just anyone.

You can also view popular photos by other random photographers, and you’ll see shots by both professional freelance photographers and every day “point and shoot” people sharing photos of their kids or dog.

There are multiple ways to change your settings that will allow you to have your newly edited photos automatically uploaded onto your Facebook or Twitter account as well, so simultaneous photo sharing is easier than ever before.

Whether you are an up and coming photographer looking for ways to exhibit your work, or if you are simply looking for a really great free photo editing app, I would highly recommend giving Instagram a try.