Idle Heroes- Gems of a Lifetime

When it comes to entertainment, we all are spoiled for choice as there isn’t a dearth in the number of platforms that can be availed for the sake of entertainment but today we are going to simply focus on one form.

Where to start form isn’t as big a problem as how to move forward and finish but let us begin anyhow so that it would be anticipating to other readers as no one wants to be devoid of entertainment in such trying times.

Video games are one of the best forms of entertainment that every 80s and 90s generation individual can understand while today’s youngsters have the same facilities on their smartphones, which is sad as they won’t be able to avail the enjoyment and nostalgia that their predecessors can.


Everyone is going to have their own preference over the games but Idle Heroes is one that cannot be missed by anyone as it is an action packed adventure that is truly matchless on the cartel with interesting plot points.

In addition, there are many levels with twists and turns galore where you can witness a drawn out battle between the heroes and villains trying to gain one-upmanship where the former will naturally prevail as are only strong heroes in idle heroes.

For getting an early lead, you would need to collect free gems right from the very first level and you can do it through Google Opinion Rewards, an app that can be downloaded on Google Pay.

Lucktastic is another excellent app that can be tried out where you can win different rewards alongwith numerous treasures with artillery, infantry and tanks so as to fight the enemy with all the conveniences.

Google Rewards would mean that you get the king but the next one is quite hectic and time consuming where you need to have your wits against you so that you reach the final level.