How To Speed Up And Sustain Weight Loss

To make your weight loss program more effective, the tips I’ve provided below will help you get better results, quicker too!

Are you ready to target that fat and achieve and maintain the best results, then let’s go!

Realistic time frame

 Make sure the length of time you have allocated yourself to achieve your weight loss target is realistic. Speak to a personal trainer and develop a plan spread over a time frame that is long enough for you to oxidise adipose tissue and build lean muscle. If you rush to get to your weight loss target, you may end up losing water and muscle as well as fat in order to get to your goal. This rate of weight loss via severe calorie restriction (anything more than 500kcals a day less than what you need is considered too much) is not healthy and in the longer term may lead to metabolic complications so it’s best to do this correctly from the start of your program.

Lose a small amount each week

 Similar to the previous point, it is important to chip away at the rate of weight you lose and spread it evenly across the time frame that you’ve chosen. Losing huge amounts one week and a little the next will cause fluctuations in hormonal activity, water and fat retention.

In the longer term, this will most likely lead to metabolic complications and in the short term, makes it harder to lose weight overall.

Muscle growth is one of the most helpful elements of weight loss. Muscle is the most metabolically active tissue of the body which means it needs lots of fuel. In simple terms this means fat will be oxidised in order to extract this fuel for the muscles. To build muscle you need to overload the fibres, actually tear them at a microscopic level which allows for more fibres to be built on top of the existing layers so lift heavy and lose weight with the added benefit of sculpting your physique! On top of that, you may also want to consider taking weight loss supplement. This will serve as your support in growing muscles and losing weight. It is made from natural ingredients so it is also healthy and safe to consume. For more information, check some of these leptoconnect reviews.

Train smart 

 Short duration high intensity sessions are the best for fat loss. Forget hours on the cross trainer in the “fat burning zone” and step into the 21st century.

We now know that for factors including overall calorie burning, muscle fibre recruitment and post exercise hormonal release, that working out at the top of your aerobic training zone and intervals

 where you train dipping into your anaerobic zone is a much better fat blaster than slow and steady and gets much more results than previously thought.

Chill out and rest

 The stress hormone cortisol has a negative effect on the rate of fat loss. Additionally, lack of sleep can affect overall performance intensities and therefore calorie burn. So relaxing in life and sleeping enough are massive factors in post exercise recovery, muscle proliferation and overall volume of fat burn. For you to get the most out of your exercise and weight loss program, you also need to get an idea of the physiological transformations taking place in your body and giving your body the chance to recover is also vital in this program.