How to remove Mildew Build-up from the house

It’s such a shame to see a beautifully tiled, decorated, and accented bathroom fall prey to mildew build-up. Your bathroom can be one of the most enticing rooms in your home, if you can keep it mildew free. It doesn’t matter how expensive the tile is in your bathroom, because if you have mildew build-up it will look dirty, and old. For most homeowners it was a slow build-up, something they would eventually get to. For others, they just don’t know how to keep the mildew from growing on their tile.

Moisture is the number one reason for mildew build-up. Which makes sense because your bathroom is the one room in the house that is almost always wet in some area. Mildew loves heat and moisture. It helps it grow like crazy, on walls, tiles, and flooring surfaces. Occasionally if it gets out of control, mildew can be found in your walls and sub floors. Getting rid of it once it has reached that stage is a lengthy and very expensive process. But the bottom line is that you can’t live with it due to the health problems it causes, mostly respiratory. So don’t let it get that bad, learn to keep mildew at bay. Be vigilant in the care of your bathroom and prevent mildew build-up.

The ventilation in your bathroom has a lot to do with mildew build-up. A poorly ventilated bathroom will remain moist for hours after the last shower or bath. Again, moisture is the enemy here. Every bathroom should have, at the minimum, one window. Preferably placed in the shower area, up high, and left half open at all times. If you live in a colder climate then keep it open as often as possible, but definitely during showers and baths. The ventilation will reduce moisture and therefore reduce mildew build-up. 

If you have no windows in your bathroom it may be time to consider having one constructed. Generally, it doesn’t cost too much to have this done, usually a few hundred dollars. It is well worth it in the end to have that window constructed, since it can save you the cost of serious mildew removal later on. To have this done just call a tile specialist in your area and explain the situation. He will probably come visit your home and offer his estimate. Once you have chosen the man to do it, then the job should only take a day or two to complete. If a person is presenting homes for sale in pa, then  the bathroom should be free from mildew. The removal of the fungus can contain two to three days for complete cleaning. 

To keep mildew from building up on your bathroom tile is the key. In order to do this simply fill a spray bottle with half water and half bleach. Keep it handy at the shower side ledge. After each shower and bath just spritz the tile or shower surface lightly and let it sit. It will rinse off with the next shower or bath. If you have small children then keep it at a higher location for safety. try to keep the area well ventilated to reduce fumes from the bleach. If you do this regularly your bathroom should remain mildew free.