How To Quit Smoking: Diverting Urges To Healthy Alternatives

Smoking as I bought myself dab rigs under 50 was a crutch of mine for more than a decade. I started smoking in secrecy when I was in middle school. I never smoked more than a few cigarettes per day, but I kept it up.

This continued into high school, and the habit grew as I began to drink at parties. I was yet to become a full-time smoker, however. When I went to college, complete freedom allowed my casual social smoking to grow into a full-time habit. I would smoke in the morning, on my way to class, after dinner, and before going to bed. Smoking was a necessity while writing a paper or studying for an exam. Cigarettes were constantly on my mind. With my habit came an overall decrease in my health. I felt sluggish and had lost my lung capacity. This pattern continued through graduate school until I started to get moody between cigarettes. This change in my behavior led me to look into how to quit smoking.

I first tried to switch from cigarettes to chewing tobacco. I reasoned that it would be better to wean myself off of nicotine than to try to give it up cold turkey. This approach was not successful. I would chew tobacco for a couple of weeks, but unfailingly would find myself smoking cigarettes. This cycle would continue for months. Eventually, I turned to one of the methods advertised as the way to quit smoking. I purchased several packs of nicotine chewing gum. This too turned out to be a failed effort, as I would always find myself reverting to cigarettes. Although the nicotine gum wasn’t the solution, it did provide part of the process I used to quit smoking.

After many years of trying to figure out how to quit smoking, a decrease in my health, and an increase in the range of mood swings, I decided to just give it up. This was not easy. The first few days were tough. I felt irritated and was short-tempered. I craved the feel of cigarettes. I broke down several times, but never smoked an entire pack. Interestingly, the longer I went between failures, the better I felt. Cigarettes began to taste terrible, but I still found myself craving the act of smoking. I had to find a replacement for cigarettes. I turned to a different form of the method I had tried to use earlier, chewing gum. This time I didn’t buy nicotine gum. I bought strong peppermint gum, the kind in the foil sealed plastic bubble packs. Every time I wanted a cigarette, I simply chewed a piece of gum. To this day, I chew a lot of gum! It is much cheaper than buying cigarettes. I still find myself having cravings, but now I can visualize how bad I would feel if I break down and how moody I will be afterward. I simply remember how physically bad I felt when I smoked, and am able to resist the urges.

If you are looking for advice on how to quit smoking, the best advice I can give you is to give up nicotine and replace it with a healthier alternative. You will find it extremely difficult to stay away, but the longer you do, the better you will feel. The longer you can help yourself to feel better, the stronger the memory of how had you feel with a system full of nicotine and smoke will be. Ultimately, these memories will make you feel disgusted at the thought of inhaling another cigarette.