How to Propose a Marriage

Are You Nervous? Are You Scared? Learn How to Propose a Marriage in the Simplest Way!

Proposing for marriage is the most exciting moment for every woman. This moment will be the day to remember for as long as they lived. This moment will also be their new embarkation on a new life journey. Leaving all the dating experience behind, the notion of marriage for them begins a new way of life. Since you have a hint of the importance of this day, you can’t mess it up!

Sometimes, it is a struggle for men to propose marriage. From finding a venue to offering the ring, it doesn’t come an easy way. Trust me! Most of us, men, we prefer the superb location. We want the perfect timing. We do this publicly so we can testify our true love. Yet, some men fail to see this significance. To most men this is a one-shot deal; therefore, they can’t afford to make any mistakes.

I believe the worst mistake is when you fail to plan your ideas. In case it doesn’t work, you must always have a backup plan. If you have a hunch that proposing marriage is not going to work at that certain location, there are only two options you can do – either you do it or not! Taking a risk is worth trying for, yet sometimes it is best to save it for last. The last thing you ever want to have is an embarrassing moment or a total rejection publicly. And that is the consequence of every marriage proposal.

Another problem is that some men are unsure if marrying is the right approach. One way or the other, you would eventually have to make a decision. If your decisions are not 100%, you better think twice.

This “How to propose a marriage” article will show you the importance of why you should need to make a strong impact when you are proposing. This article guides you in making a plan A and plan B proposal. If this is your first time making a marriage proposal, this guideline illustrates the general to specific approach when making a proposal.

You should have the light of love from God.

I had been in almost a six-year relationship with the same woman. For all those years we had been together, arguments and fighting were seemed to be more prevalent than the first few months we started as a couple. Conflicts grew and never ceased. It was like naval warfare exchanging firing rounds. Yet, somehow, I need to break the wave. Since I had been constantly going to a church, I could probably use what I have learned.

I listened to the service, read the scriptures, and prayed all the time. This process was easy to grasp, but the outcome took a while to respond. The problem I noticed is that we both didn’t set any plans to live our lives together. It was like cruising on a boat and waited until it rained before we decided to take action. Therefore, how can I propose marriage if we things are like this?

I realized we were missing a lot of things in our relationship. The first is time. The second is affection. Working with two different shifts, we hardly see each other but I refuse to make this as an excuse. I asked God if this is the right woman for me. With all these troubles in the relationship, what if I’m making the wrong choice? On the other hand, how can I propose marriage to her if she felt the same way too?

Woman Looking at a Man Sitting Beside Her — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Nevertheless, God gave me the light that I needed. God made me realized that this relationship is not perfect, but if we build this relationship under the teachings of the Lord – we will succeed. However, I have to listen to the Holy Spirit. The spirit of the Lord told me that this relationship is a fulfillment of his grace and his love. There is a chance in this relationship. There is love in all of us. But I have to believe and hope for everything that I prayed for. This is the light that the Lord God had given me.

If you feel that she is the right one for you, then you should propose a marriage. God will give you the go signal. He will guide you when making this kind of choice. You should always seek the light of wisdom. Even you love the person so much, it is always best to conform to God.

You should spend time preparing.

Your life is like a reality TV show. Your problem is like reruns. Your new ideas are like the new series. You are an actor. She is an actress. Your relationship is the movie. Both of you are the superstars. When you propose marriage, you have to realize that you are always being watched. When the camera is running, your actions are always being filmed. The metaphor signifies that you have to plan ahead of time if you want this movie [relationship] to be successful.

How should you prepare then?

Since you are now decided to marry her, you should find a ring that is based on her choice. When you are planning ahead of time, you should ask her the type of ring she wants. If she wanted a princess cut ring, you should consider it. Buying an engagement ring really costs a lot of money particularly if the budget is limited. If she is really worth it, then start saving money.

The ring is only a symbolic love. Some women have their own preferences and even so you should respect it. Your woman is the one who will wear that ring. Are you going to force her to wear something she wouldn’t like?

On the other hand, let us not only focus on the ring itself rather seek what is laid beyond this concept. In order to propose marriage, finding the right venue must be acceptable. It could be anywhere you choose. You can either do it publicly or privately. The choice is yours. This is something you would not take for granted because this is a one-shot deal!

When you propose marriage, it has to come from your heart. Don’t force yourself to do something that is totally against your will. Every word you speak must come from your great affection. Your words must contain an intimacy that shows a deeper relationship. If you are the type of person who doesn’t speak much, then save your speeches but give the word of the proposal – “Will you marry me?”

More words are better. If you really want to express what you truly feel, you have to find words that are related to your connection with her. This is going to be the statement of your commitment. Your words are bound with guarantees. I never really used the word – promises, since promises can be broken. Commitment is a guaranteed action. Therefore, when you propose marriage, try to avoid using the word “promise.” To me, it sounded very weak.

Instead, use the words “I will love you for as long as I live,” “I will fulfill my commitment until the day I die,” “I will guarantee you that you will live happily forever with me.” The word “I” signifies that you are being responsible and accountable for your actions. It means that you will do whatever it takes to make the marriage worthwhile. When you propose marriage, you have to send the message to her that the commitment shall be the forever vow. Once she realized how important you are in her life because of the words you speak, you are winning her.

Proposing marriage is a simple task, but finding the best location is daunting work. There is no special rule when you want to propose marriage, yet it is always best to find the right time and place. To some people, location is not a big deal, but to me it is. I want this to be a special day for my girlfriend.

Some men choose the restaurants, the parks, and the street, and mostly everywhere they are comfortable with. I guess to some people it doesn’t matter, however, I guess this is all comes down to preferential. You can either be romantic or spontaneous. It’s your choice as long as you can make an impact. Some men invite their families and friends to witness the proposal in a local fine dining restaurant, while others prefer the public approach such as kneeling in front of the crowd. Either way, it works!

The first plan was to propose at her work. She worked in the casino and I thought this was the best place to be; however, it was very crowded, noisy and lots of drunken people all over the place. I didn’t want to compete with the attention. Even though I stayed for at least an hour, I was not comfortable enough to make a proposal. I felt I was running out of options.

But God is always good. He found the best way for me to propose marriage – the Church. That following morning I went with her. After the mass, I waited until everyone left the church. I believed that God is leading me in this direction. Most men propose out in the public; however, mine was to be private and sacred. It’s really good to have the Lord to be my whole witness.

We both kneel down. We looked at each other in the eyes.

I pulled out the ring and I asked her, “Would you be my wife?”

That very moment I saw the most beautiful smile here on earth. I never thought she would be amazed. I guess she never expected it would come. She was very happy and mesmerizing.

Therefore, when you propose marriage, your actions are the ones that will complete her. You could have all the best speeches and fabulous locations, but if you don’t take the right actions – you are going to miss the opportunity. When you are lacking with some ideas or you forgot to get Viagra, pray to God and ask for wisdom. God will make it best for you as he did to mine. It doesn’t have to be superb, but find the right time and place to make the engagement worthwhile.