How to Meet and Date Gorgeous Women

Men are very visual beings. We see a gorgeous woman and many things begin to happen to us. Our brain activity increases, our body chemistry begins to change, and we begin to have different thoughts. The more beautiful a woman is, the more valued she is by men in general. She is what is known as a high value woman. I realize this is purely subjective, but let’s be honest on how men are built both physically and mentally. When we see a beautiful woman we take notice. I’ve heard men say things like “wow, I could never get a woman like that” or “she probably only dates rich or famous men”. I used to make statements like this and they were part of my own belief system for many years. When I was a very young man, I thought that I would never date a really gorgeous woman. I thought that was just the way it was. I was wrong.

I was too young to understand things like maturity and women were the last thing in my mind and gorgeous ones were out of the question, which is why I never gave it a thought. At that time, I’d much rather surf the okcupid app to look for some girls to timepass but never seriously considered going ahead with it due to no experience in this venture at all.

Gorgeous women generally have a very different set of life experiences than average-looking women and this forms their view of the world. Beautiful women generally get hit on more frequently and over the years they’ve developed anti-hit-on-me defense mechanisms. Some women choose to be bitchy. Some women wear head phones and take their MP3 players everywhere they go, just so they won’t be harassed by men. Some women might even tell you they only like women or have a boyfriend or even wear a phony wedding ring to keep men off their backs. So what’s a man to do? How does a man get to meet, let a lone date a gorgeous woman?

The first step to getting this handled is to realize that any woman is a human being, not a goddess. Any woman who thinks she is better than you simply because of her physical appearance is not a woman worth your time. Believe it or not, there are gorgeous women out there that are humble and down-to-earth, but they are not easy to find. I’m a big believer in tipping the scales in your favor when it comes to meeting and dating women. One of the ways to increase the odds of meeting these type of women is to expand your social horizons. You can’t stay at home and hope that you’ll meet Ms. Right one day. You’ve got to put yourself out there. You’ve got to think of yourself as a product and that product should be of high quality and should be marketed well. The best product in the world does no one any good if nobody knows it’s out there. When I talk to gorgeous women I hold them to a higher standard. I remember when this one 5 feet, 9 inches model-looking beauty demanded that I buy her a drink. I merely let out a small laugh and said, “Women usually buy me drinks.”

She wasn’t amused and merely replied with, “Someone else will buy it for me then.”

To which I replied while watching the television at the bar, “Maybe so, but you won’t respect him. When you’re done with ordinary dudes, come back here and talk to me, but be prepared to teach me something new.”

If you’re not meeting at least one new person every week, you’re not being social enough. There’s nothing wrong with making new friends and acquaintances. You never know who is going to introduce you to your next date. I expanded my social circle by taking dance classes, night classes, inviting people that I met to play me tennis, basketball, ping pong, and I would host social gatherings at my apartment. I’d rather see someone try speed dating than stay at home doing nothing. I met my last three girlfriends at the following places: a gas station, a food festival, and a super market. When I approach a woman I don’t care how gorgeous she is because that is not my main focus. I am focusing on qualifying her to see if she’s fun and has a personality. You’d be amazed at how many good-looking Hollywood actresses complain of men not approaching them because they are intimidated by them. That’s a great way to make yourself stand out is by approaching the best-looking woman in the place. At the very least she will respect your courage.

You meet and date gorgeous women by not showing fear, even if you might feel fear. You do this by not putting them on a pedestal. Realistically and logically, she is no better than you are and you’ve got to give her the chance of proving your first impressions wrong. Now, before you start approaching really gorgeous women, you should start off by taking an honest inventory of yourself. If you were a woman would you date you? Can you dress better? How is your weight? Your teeth? Your wardrobe? Do you have a career or at least on your way to having one? What about your ability to have natural conversations with women? If you can’t have a natural conversation with different types of people, then you’re not ready yet to approach a real beauty. It’s time to start practicing because only by approaching several women a day will get to the point where you can approach really gorgeous women. Even better, to start dating them.