How To Brew The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Americans love coffee. As a collective, we drink 400 million cups of the stuff a day. We drink it in the morning to help us turn into human beings; we drink it in the afternoon to keep us from killing our co-workers. But mostly we drink it because it’s delicious which is funny, because most of us are doing our best to make it as flavorless as possible.

The Best Device for Coffee

Brewing gourmet coffee in a machine is like nuking gourmet cheese in the microwave. To get the most out of those pricey beans, you want to brew them in a French press. This simple device heats and strains the coffee to optimally release the flavors without trapping them in a paper filter. It costs just as much as a cheap coffee maker and gives you a lot more flavor for your buck. The best 5 cup programmable coffee maker is also the hype of today. With its amazing features and modern design, you will certainly love it.

The Best Coffee Beans

Once you have your French press, look for some beans that are worthy of it. Don’t bother asking your coffee loving friends for recommendations. Delicious is a highly subjective word. The best way to discover the coffee that you like best is to try a bunch of different beans.

For the best flavor profiles, invest in the good stuff. Avoid cheap, pre-packaged beans. Instead, head to Whole Foods or another boutique or specialty store with a wide selection of quality whole beans that you bag yourself. For the best possible flavor out of your beans, ask when they were roasted. Coffee beans begin to lose their flavor roughly one week after they’re roasted.

The Best Coffee Brewing Technique

To make coffee in a French Press, start by filling the beaker with boiling water. Only add as many cups as you can drink in one sitting. After around 20 minutes, coffee begins to lose flavor.

If possible, skip the tap water altogether and used filtered or spring water. The chlorine in most tap water supplies messes with the flavor of the beans. Allow the water to heat up the French Press for 30 seconds before adding the coffee.

Coarse grind the beans while you let the water sit. Never grind the whole bag and let it sit on the shelf. Once ground (you guessed it) coffee quickly loses flavor.

How much coffee you grind is up to you. Two tablespoons of grounds per cup of coffee will give you a good strong cup. Three or four will send you into orbit and get you through the morning at high speed.

Now stir the coffee well with a long spoon or chopstick. Then place the lid and attached strainer on the beaker so that the strainer sits right on top of or above the coffee.

Leave the coffee to brew for four minutes. Set a timer. Brewing too long or not long enough affects the coffee’s flavor. At the ding, depress the plunger that pushes down the mesh strainer. Push slowly, just using the weight of your hand to apply pressure. This will take between 15 to 20 seconds. If you’re impatient in the morning, avoid the urge to rush it. One hard push will send hot coffee squirting all over you and your work clothes.

Now all you have to do is pour the coffee into a cup. I like to have a good cup of coffee with just a tablespoon of sugar to bring out the flavor. Cream and mountains of sugar are great for drowning out coffee that you can’t drink otherwise. But if you’ve gone through the trouble to maximize those flavors, you want to be able to taste them in the end.