Housekeeping Hints For The Single Guy

You have impressed her with your clean and shiny car. The dinner and movie were well chosen (since you let her pick the movie). What will she think of your house, apartment or condominium?

Slobs are not sexy. “But single guys are not expected to have clean houses.” Keep convincing your self that is true and your best girlfriend will be named Handy.

It is easier to keep a clean domicile than you think. Just a few moments a week stolen from the pre-game show, Grand Theft Auto, or the websites you like to frequent will be worth it. Tell your self it is for the ladies. In time you will appreciate it, too. If a person is single without family, then the cleaning of the house will be done through hiring домоуправител под наем софия. The investment at the managers will worth it and provides the best facilities to the person. The charging of the fess will be according to the availability of the members in the house.

To make cleaning easy you need to limit the amount of clutter. You know, leaving dishes and empty fast food bags, newspapers and magazines, dirty or clean clothes, and other stuff lying around. Remember that a limited amount of clutter shows a lived-in home, filth just shows a slob lives there. Pick spots for things to go and even if you only put them away 80% of the time it will make your home a more inviting place.

YouÕll need cleaning supplies. Nothing fancy, just the necessities. Take a trip to the local store (the dollar store will have lots of the stuff you will need) and purchase the following: large plastic bucket with a handle — combination glass and surface cleaner — foaming bubble bathroom cleaner — Ajax type cleaner — floor cleaner (lemon or pine scent) —dusting spray — a regular mop — a bundle of microfiber cleaning cloths — toilet brush — a couple of big sponges — roll of paper towels. You will need a carpet sweeper (cheaper than a vacuum) if you have carpet. Get a broom and dustpan for hard floors. Everything but the mop should fit in the bucket.

Put some jamming music on the stereo or iPod. Cake, Beck or Outcast is great soundtracks for housework. Now it is time to clean.

Living Room and Bedroom are easy as long as you have picked the clothes up off the floor and put them in a laundry basket. You do have a laundry basket, donÕt you? Apply dusting spray to one of the microfiber cloths (it will be the dusting rag from now on) and wipe down all surfaces. Do lamps, dressers, tables, and windowsills, bed frame and any other places dust collects. You are done for now. You will be back for the floor later and the mirror if there is one.

Bathroom takes a little more work. Get the bubble foam bathroom cleaner. Shake it up and spray the walls of the shower. That stuff needs a few minutes to loosen the dirt so on to something else. Clear any items off the counter or sink and sweep the floor. Now, wet a sponge and wipe away the dirt and grime the foam loosened in the shower stall. Sprinkle some Ajax type cleanser around the tub, rinse the same and scour the tub. Let it sit while you use the bubble foam cleaner on the counter and sink. A swipe with the sponge will leave that area gleaming. Turn on the shower and use the shower -head to rinse the tub. Shake some Ajax type cleanser in the toilet bowl. Scrub with the brush and flush. Rinse the brush in the swirling water. Use bubble foam cleaner on the toilet seat and rim. Rinse out the sponge you have been using and leave it in the bathroom for next time. Done for now. You will be back for the floor.

Kitchens require the most work. Keeping the dirty dishes to a minimum and the trash emptied speeds up the work. Open the refrigerator and toss any out-of-date food in the trash. Wipe off the shelves. Use the glass/surface cleaner and a microfiber cloth (pick one to use for that purpose) to clean the counters, outside of the refrigerator, top of the stove and cabinet doors. Inside a microwave use hot water and soap on one of the sponges. Sprinkle Comet type cleanser in the sink, scrub with the sponge and rinse. You are so close to being done.

Take the glass/surface cleaner and some paper towels. Spray and wipe every mirror and light fixture you can reach.

Get a bottle or can of your favorite cold beverage and set it on your freshly cleaned living room table. Use the carpet sweeper on the rugs and the broom with dustpan on hard floors. Then fill the bucket half way with hot water and pour a handful worth of floor cleaner in it. Start with the bathroom floor. Soak the mop, wring it out a little and swish it over the floor. Do the same in the kitchen. Empty the bucket in the bathroom toilet and flush. Prop the mop in the tub to dry.

Head back to the living room. Turn on whatever entertainment you want. Sip on your libation and wait for the floors to dry. Breathe in the heady aromas of pine, lemon and bubbly foam. Reflect on the fact that that was not so hard.