Here Are Some Tips For Choosing A Funeral Wreath

A funeral is a big event that we all have to go to once in our lives for sure, whether it is a relative’s funeral, a friend’s funeral or even an acquaintance. Wreaths are both a symbol of sadness and a sign of respect to the dead person. The ideas of traditional white wreaths are gone.

People often hire event services to decorate the church, rented hall, or home, where relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbors gather to recall their sweet memories of the dead person. In this sense, LED wreath plays a vital role. They look beautiful. They reflect the idea that the soul is eternal and colorful. We suggest you to read more about LED Wreath from Wreaths Singapore.

White wreath

A symbol of respect and purity, the white wreath is considered the most popular among the multicolored wreaths. It is suitable for all forms of mourning. It is used at the elder’s funeral to show the greatest respect.

Pink wreath

A symbol of sincerity, tenderness and love, pink wreath is suitable for mourning close relatives and friends. You feel deeply sorry for this loss. It is also used as a symbol of a beautiful woman.

Blue wreath

Symbol of sadness, it is suitable for all types of mourning. Blue is a color that is both gentle and sad in one color. It also shows relaxation.

Purple wreath

Symbol of honor, the purple wreath is suitable for a senior’s funeral. Purple feels luxurious yet majestic at the same time. It is mostly used in funerals for supervisors, elder relatives and teachers.

Wreath in warm tones, red, orange, yellow

Symbol of encouragement, warm colors reflect the idea of communication with the host that suffering will be with you shortly. It will pass soon. Warm tone LED wreath decoration is one of the most popular decoration ideas.