Helpful Cheats To Know For Call Of Duty 4:  Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare is the long awaited follow-up by Infinity Ward and their highly rated Call of Duty 2. If it was the developer’s intent to show the gamer that war is indeed Hell, then they succeeded with jarring combat with smarter enemies and deadlier weapons. The biggest change past Call of Duty fans will notice is how intense this game will be in single player mode. While you are trying to take out numerous enemies, most of which will be resourceful and will not stop coming at you. To help you mow down your enemies and to arrive alive, here are some cheats to help you through Call of Duty 4.

Of course, there are cheats for you to gain the upperhand in this game. But unlike DOTA wherein the best advantage is by gaining dota 2 boosting, there’s a unique cheat pattern for Call of Duty 4.

The differences with the cheats in Call of Duty 4 are the cheats are not unlocked by inserting passwords or a series of buttons. Rather you will need to acquire thirty Intel pieces that are strategically placed in enemy laptops throughout the game. Here is a breakdown of how many Intel pieces that can be found on certain levels of the game. On levels 2, 4, 6, 7, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 19, you will be able to find two Intel pieces per level. On levels 5, 9, and 13, you will have the chance to find three Intel pieces per level. There is also one Intel piece on Level 17, to give you a grand total of 30 pieces. If a level is not listed above, then you will not find any Intel pieces in your travels.

Now that you have some Intel pieces, the question is what you can do with them. If you enjoy the black and white movies from the early years, the Call of Duty Noir cheat is for you. All you need is 2 Intel pieces to access this. If you want the game to feel like a Silent Movie, then you will need 8 Intel pieces to access this cheat. You want to increase the output of your frag grenades? All you will need is 10 Intel pieces to access the Cluster Bomb cheat which will make one grenade explosion equal to five grenades. One of the more comical cheats is the Bad Year cheat, which requires 15 Intel pieces. Once this cheat is activated, your enemies will explode into tires when they are shot. If you are having a hard time keeping up with your enemies, slow them down with the Slow-Mo Ability cheat. To activate this cheat, it only requires 20 Intel pieces. Infinite Ammo cheat is one that every shooter game has and Call of Duty 4 is no exception. To access this cheat, you will need to have 30 Intel pieces at your disposal.

In Call of Duty 4, there are several unlockable modes and items gamers may want to access. If you want to unlock the Arcade mode, you will need to beat the game completely on any difficulty setting. Once activated, you will have two options for the game, full challenge or level challenge, in case there are certain levels you want to bypass. Looking to unlock the Prestige mode for Call of Duty 4, you will need to reach experience level 55 in the multiplayer mode. Instead of capping out at level 55, you will start again at level one. This can be repeated a total of ten times in the games to show others of your expertise at Call of Duty 4.

When it comes to the multiplayer mode, there are several weapons that become unlockable when you reach a certain level or complete certain challenges. To wet your appetite, here is a short list of a few of those special weapons in Call of Duty 4. At the unlucky rank 13, you will unlock a Mini Uzi. When you reach rank 46, you can unlock a M14 Assault Rifle. At rank 49 you can unlock a Barret Sniper Rifle. When your character reaches level 55, you can unlock a Golden Desert Eagle Pistol. If you are able to complete all assault rifle challenges, you will unlock an AK-47 assault rifle.

With a little luck and the above listed cheats, your experience with Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare will be an enjoyable one and remind you that war is indeed Hell.