Having a Fragrance Garden for Your Home

A fragrance garden is made for a twofold purpose: one, to have beautiful blossoms to gaze upon and two, to have the wonderful fragrances that come with plants in the garden. Imagine the smells of tree blossoms as you walk outside just after a spring rain and you have what a fragrance garden only begins to touch upon when you include the right plants. A fragrance garden appeals to the most senses as possible, even to your taste buds if you have some succulent herb plants.


A fragrance garden is made to be smelled. All you should have to do is open your kitchen window and you can smell the luxurious waft of your own garden coming in to greet you every spring and summer morning. A fragrance garden should be relatively compact so as to accumulate the most scents in a small area. Your garden should also be close to the house and in an enclosed space to make taking in the scents easier from your own house. The home of the person will fill with the fragrance of the flowers.  There will be sustainability in food which a friend of mine taught me with the experience. The growing of the plants will provide effective results for the gardening. 

A fragrance garden can include all levels and heights of plants so you will want to have enough space to put larger bushes and shrubs in without interfering with smaller plants. Even small yards can be converted into beautiful enclose spaces for gardens if done the right way.


Flowers are what give a plant its fantastic scents. Plan on flowering plants for most of your garden, but don’t forget such plants as mint, fennel, basil, and some pine bushes for scents that are different from tropical or flowery notes.

Try planting bushes and shrubs first as they will grow bigger. Daphne, lilac, viburnum, and fragrant hedges should have considerations first before other plants. Rose bushes and azaleas should be considered more summer type of plants and done a little bit later.

Carnations, irises, crocuses, daffodils, lavender, and jasmine could also be considered fragrant flowers to make your garden be as sensual as possible. Marigolds and sweet pea are some bulbs to include in your garden that are easy to plant.


Some plants will grow and flower first in the spring before others in the summer. Make sure to prune back some of the bushes before they get too overgrown if you have limited space. Leave enough room to work in your garden if you have a confined space.

Pick up the leaves that may fall off in the autumn. Water every week or so and make sure insects come along to pollinate your garden otherwise the plants won’t be healthy. Roses should probably be covered in the winter and early spring to help preserve them if it gets too cold.