GTA 5 Has Sparked Serious Criticisms

GTA 5 is an amazing game that will keep you hooked in for hours. The game piques interests with its stunning visuals, realistic graphics, excellent gta 5 mod menu ps3 and of course mindblowing rewards. But, the Rockstar game has also sparked severe criticisms from several quarters. As per critics, the game uses racially offensive phrases, explicit sexual scenes and violent torture. Moreover, the game has drawn flaks for mis-representation of women in various scenes. The post below shares a brief on the serious drawbacks of GTA 5.

Random usage of racial slurs

Offensive racism seems to be an inseparable part of Grand Auto Theft 5. And that’s a serious disgrace. The “N-word” has been used multiple times widely in the initial gameplay hours. In the contemporary era, when we are still fighting hard to wipe out divisive racism- usage of racial slurs should be condemned by any means. Popular games like GTA 5 are played by billions all over the impact. So, if such a game endorses these kinds of unwanted behavior, it will only send a wrong message to people. Worse, it will only make the current fight to eliminate racism even harder.

Serious mis-representation of women

Critics were not wrong when they pointed out the game has not done justice to women. All the female characters here are either long-suffering grumpy wives, prostitutes, strippers, goofy feminists or humorless girlfriends. Moreover, there are moments in the game where characters seem to have fun groping strippers and they aren’t even caught by bouncers.

Extreme violence

GTA 5 has patronized explicit display of torture and violence, which, to some extent could be compared to the heinous torture meted out by American government to soldiers in Iraq war. Mention must be made of Trevor’s blood-soaked interrogation where he does everything from removing teeth to electrocution to extract details.