Good Marijuana Strains For Med Purposes?

It is a known fact that smoking pot can take you to a serene place, a place where all worries are left behind and where everything seems easier and more fun. Who wouldnt want to be taken from their daily routine and sent to a faraway place where anything is possible? But do the ones who engage in this action know how harmful a joint of cannabis actually is for them?

After many studies made by experts and specialists, it has been demonstrated that a single joint of marijuana is more damaging than five normal cigarettes, made out of tobacco. And this is not the only thing they have discovered. It appears that marijuana does not create dependency if you use it occasionally, and for short periods of time. But for someone who tends to create a habit from smoking pot, the effects are truly dramatic.

No one can imagine that a simple plant, grown from cannabis seeds, can contain dozens of substances that are harmful to the brain, the circulatory system and the lungs. Although it may be pleasant to use, just like every other stuff, marijuana should be consumed with moderation, if any at all. Apart from releasing a high number of toxic substances in our system, cannabis also reacts in a special way with our body.

But still, marijuana is still a popular choice for treating cancer symptoms and chemotherapy side effects due to the presence of Cannabinoid (CBD) that has been utilized for such purposes because there is a large section of the population that is grappling with health hazards and regular Veganes Eiweißpulver are being conducted to tell apart harmful seeds from harmless ones.

Because of the same substances, smoking cannabis unleashes a series of reactions in the human body, which the immune system cannot stop or control. This is why, by using it on a regular basis, the risk of heart attack increases four times, and the persons are prone to suicidal ideas, depression, anxiety and schizophrenia. On the other hand though, these conditions only appear after many months or years of constantly consuming cannabis, either smoking or eating it with different foods.

Even though the extensive use of cannabis may be harmful to the human body, there are certain situations in which doctors and specialists have come to the conclusion pot can help. Using it with moderation still applies in these cases, but it is legal to purchase, and the product is called medical marijuana. Doctors may prescribe this for patients who suffer from cancer, AIDS or Alzheimers disease.

In these conditions, the cannabis seeds are planted and grown for medical reasons, so they can be cultivated somewhere outdoors. The government has agreed to make this specific usage of marijuana legal, because doctors have pointed out its beneficial effects of the ill. It seems that cannabis alleviates the pain cancer and AIDS patients suffer from, and slightly helps with the memory loss of the Alzheimers disease ones.

Even when it comes to the medial usage of cannabis seeds, it is still not advisable to go over the limit. The doctor writes a prescription, and the patient should follow it exactly. It is important to do so, to avoid complications and any start of dependency on the ill persons. Because of their condition, they are more prone to these situations than the healthy ones who just practice smoking marijuana as a sport.