Free Pokemonmyspace Layouts

Pokémon has been around through many series and movies loved by millions. From card games to toys, it’s hard to avoid coming across merchandise from this show. Save your bucks and show your Pokémon love by putting up a MySpace layout on your profile page!

Ash and Pikachu 

This layout features Ash, Pikachu, and other Pokémon friends. The overall eye appeal looks great and it features complimenting photos. There is a custom contact box which is well made; and the color scheme is yellow and black. You can check out team generator to get a pokemon team that is synchronized according to their stats. It is really easy and effective to improve your gameplay as well. You can even share these stats and team layouts with your friends.


This layout features the Pokémon Victreebel. It is well themed revolving around the color green. The layout comes complete with a custom contact box.


This layout is adorable! It features the puffy pink Pokémon; Clefairy! The color scheme revolves around pinks and is very girly. Layout comes complete with a custom contact box.


This bright and cheerful layout is shining with the color yellow and features the infamous Pokémon – Pikachu! The theme offers transparent boxes so that you are able to view the background image at all times.


This layout revolves around the color red and features a picture which reads “Welcome to my Pokémon page!” You’ll also find Ash, Pikachu, and Clefairy on this theme. The boxes are light pink and semi-transparent.

Assorted Pokemon 

This layout features a collage of many different Pokémon, their number, and their name! The boxes are animated and feature continuous falling rain.

Unique Pikachu 

This is a very different layout than what you might typically see on MySpace. It features Pikachu with “Pika Pi” written towards the top. The box placement is a bit different than the ‘norm’, and there is even a bubble where you can leave comments quickly.

Pokémon Game 

This is a very bright and ‘funky layout. It features Pikachu and Ash. There are many little animated game versions of the two walking. The background image shows off Pikachu and his friends standing under a rainbow. Layout comes complete with a custom contact box.