Feng Shui Bathroom Colors

If you are feeling stressed and financially stretched during this time of economic uncertainty, coming home to a relaxing hot, long soak in the bath sounds wonderful but what if your bathroom doesn’t feel like a peaceful oasis and you don’t have the money for expensive updates? Something you can consider is a fresh coat of paint on the wall and inexpensive accessories to match. Paint is cheap and painting a small bathroom is something most people can do easily. It is the quickest way to change the whole look and atmosphere of a room. One step further, if you choose colors for your bathroom that go along with the general principles of Feng Shui, it can help to create a more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere in your home. It may even help you gain or keep any wealth that you have! Feng Shui, which literally translated means ‘wind and water’ is the ancient Chinese art of creating an environment in your home that is conducive to harmony and prosperity. According to Feng Shui principles there are several colors that will work positively in your bathroom to bring about a sense of well being and may even bring prosperity for you and your family. Here are the colors to try:

For harmony and balance:

Earth colors of yellows and browns such as terracotta, burnt orange and pale sand, balance out all that water energy that is found in the bathroom, therefore promoting balance and harmony. These colors would look great on walls. White is another color that should be used in bathrooms for harmony and balance as it is the sign of purity, tranquility and new beginnings. It is best used as an accent; such as rugs, towels and candles. White promotes a crisp fresh energy, and works well with bathrooms that have metal furnishings as they balance each other out well. Viessmann Vitodens 100w Boiler will be the best solution for the person working in the kitchen. The facilities of the boiler will be enormous for the person and the liquids. 

For prosperity and prevention of loss of wealth:

For those of you that like a striking bathroom color and/or are interested in keeping or gaining wealth; purple, red and gold are the colors for you! Purple and red are associated with attracting wealth and prosperity into your life and also will counteract the draining of wealth that may be perpetrated by the draining of water that happens in the bathroom.

Purple is also the color connected with royalty, so if you feel the need to feel regal and exalted, purple accents are what you need in your bathroom! If your bathroom is located in the center of your house, painting it red will help to increase your wealth. If red walls sound like a crazy idea to you, simply place a red rug around your toilet area to counteract the draining of wealth that may occur here and to help increase income. Another color associated with abundance is gold; having hand towels in your bathroom trimmed with gold encourages abundance, prosperity and health.

Incorporate the colors recommended by Feng Shui experts into your bathroom color scheme and create an oasis for yourself and your family in your home that will nourish your soul and help to create a refreshing positive energy within you to encourage you to thrive and prosper!